May 15, 2016

Emeritus Professors of JNU Stand in Solidarity with Students

The following is the statement issued by emeritus professors of the JNU, on May 9, 2016. DEAR Vice-Chancellor, As emeritus professors of the JNU we are disturbed by the turn of events at the JNU. The university has always been a space where we allowed free discussion of issues raised by students and faculty. In the course of such discussion whether in seminars or at other informal gatherings, speakers from both within the university and from outside were invited to participate. The current administration has clamped down on free discussion by imposing severe punishments of fines and rustication on those who organised a meeting on February 9, 2016. This despite the fact that they were arrested and sent to jail. Now an order has been issued prohibiting the entry of outsiders to the university premises. We are writing to protest against both these measures. We request that the university administration reconsider both these decisions neither of which is required, and act according to the accepted norms of the JNU. Yours Sincerely, RomilaThapar (School of Social Sciences) Namwar Singh (School of Languages) AmitBhaduri (School of Social Sciences) Sheila Bhalla (School of Social Sciences) Anil Bhatti (School of Languages) UtsaPatnaik (School of Social Sciences) Deepak Nayyar (School of Social Sciences) S.D. Muni (School of International Studies) ZoyaHasan (School of Social Sciences) PrabhatPatnaik (School of Social Sciences)