May 01, 2016

Modi-bhai’s Bengal Mission is to Save Didi-bhai: Yechury

Rajendra Sharma

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi has made it a habit to go for campaigning on poll dates in areas adjoining those where polling is taking place and thus trying to influence voting through live telecast of his speeches. But in Bengal elections, he is not doing just that. People are, in fact, asking why the prime minister of the country is making so many election visits to a state where his party does not stand even ghost of a chance, CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury said at a huge gathering, mainly of peasants, in Namkhana in South 24-Parganas on April 23. The reason, he tells the cheering crowd, is simple. Now that the Mamata government is facing definite defeat in elections as the people of Bengal have decided to get rid of her terror and corrupt regime, Modi-bhai is trying to save Didi-bhai by ensuring split in anti-TMC vote. Yechury also gave several evidence of match-fixing between BJP and TMC, the most recent being the Modi government not even asking preliminary questions on the deadly flyover collapse in Kolkata. He said even in the Narada case, the Rajya Sabha Ethics Committee has not been allowed to take up the case of TMC Rajya Sabha members’ involvement in it as in the Upper House, BJP is crucially dependent on the help that it often gets from TMC. Yechury gave a call to defeat both of TMC and BJP. In this land of Tebhaga Movement, Yechury began his programme by honouring descendents of three martyrs of the historic peasant struggle -- Ahilya, Batasha Singh and Bachan Bhuian -- by offering Red flags to them. Yechury reminded the people that even in the current round of battle for democracy in Bengal, seven of our comrades have already courted martyrdom. He expressed hope that the people of entire South 24-Parganas district, going to polls on April 30, will successfully resist the ruling TMC's efforts of vote loot as the people have done to a great extent in the first three rounds of voting. Yechury also struck a chord with the audience when he brought up the question of large scale migration from this extremely fertile area because of the agricultural crisis brought upon in the state by the Mamata regime and lack of development and job opportunities. Yechury was canvassing for CPI(M) candidate from Sagar Assembly seat Aseem Mandol. This area, located right at the mouth of the sea where the Hooghly River falls into the Bay of Bengal, includes the famous pilgrimage centre, Sagar or Gangasagar. Though a part of this constituency suffers from salinity, it's rich in production of fruits, beetle leaves and fish, beside paddy. The Left has traditionally won this seat, 2001 and 2011 being exception. Later same evening, Yechury addressed another equally impressive crowd at the adjoining constituency of Kulpi in support of Rajaul Khan of CPI(M). As he got a little late covering the distance, by the time he reached thousands still waited while a equal number he could see returning home as afternoon rally turned into a late evening programme with very little lighting, especially in the audience enclosure. Yechury began his campaigning day by addressing the press in the afternoon at Alimuddin Street, the party state headquarters. Yechury appealed to the Election Commission to be more vigilant and active in next three phases of polling in Bengal as TMC, seeing its defeat written on the wall, will try its best to loot vote and intimidate voters as can be seen from the killing of four comrades. He underlined the need for voter confidence building measures in areas along with the international border. At the same time, he expressed confidence that the people's united resistance will foil all such attempts by a desperate TMC.