April 17, 2016

DSMM to Observe April 14 as ‘Social Justice Day’

THE Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch, in a statement issued on April 11, has called upon the people to observe the 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar on April 14 as ‘Social Justice Day’. Dr Ambedkar is a pioneer who strived relentlessly for achieving social justice in the country. On this occasion, the DSMM has demanded the government that it take up steps to ensure the eradication of untouchability, to ensure the protection and development of dalits and pave way for social justice, which were the dreams of Ambedkar and not just confine itself to merely praise him. The long-pending demands of passing a law providing reservations in private sector, providing statutory status to the Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan, filling up of all backlog posts and organisng a National Mission for Social Justice aimed at spreading awareness on eradicating caste discrimination and untouchability, should be implemented without any further delay, said the DSMM statement.