Vol. XLIII No. 24 June 16, 2019

SFI Denounces Allahabad University Students Union President’s Victimisation

The central executive committee of the Students’ Federation of India has issued the following statement on March 5. THE trend to crush democracy in campuses is continuing and the Allahabad University is the next target after the HCU and JNU. The university authorities are trying to victimise Richa Singh, the student union's president of the university by cancelling her admission. Here also, the key role is played by the ABVP leaders to create controversy and complain against the union president, thus continuing their role in the Hyderabad Central University and JNU. The CEC of the Students’ Federation of India extends all support to Richa Singh and demands the vice chancellor of the Allahabad University to stop any such politically motivated action against her. It is important to note that Richa Singh had defeated ABVP leader in the union elections and became the first female president of the Allahabad University. Since then she has been very vocal in opposing anti-student policies of the state government. Due to his reason, she has become a target of the university authorities and the BJP/ABVP. Now they are trying to remove her from the campus targeting her two year old admission.