January 17, 2016

ICWA Releases Calendar Dedicated to Gadharites

Joga Randhawa

THE Indo-Canadian Workers’ Association (ICWA) of Canada held a public meeting in Surrey in British Columbia on December 20, 2015 and released its annual calendar of 2016. ICWA has been publishing a calendar, dedicated to the memories of Gadharites, for the past nine years. It contains all the important dates of events related the Gadhar Movement. This year's calendar is dedicated to the 300th anniversary of martyrdom of Banda Singh Bahadur and centenary of martyrdom of Gadhar heroes like Babu Harnam Singh Sahari, Sohan Lal Pathak, Ishar Singh Dhudike, Uttam Singh Hans, Bir Singh Bahowal and Ganga Singh Khurd among others. Surinder Dhesi moderated the meeting and explained the importance of publishing the calendar. Kulwant Dhesi, the organiser of the ICWA, opened the meeting and spoke about the historic contribution made by Banda Singh Bahadur in land reforms and distribution among farmers. Kulwant asked the people to follow the principles of the Gadharites. Surinder Sangha, Paramjit Gandhri and Jagir Singh Samra made the presidium which conducted the meeting. Manjit Dhilli, the grandson of Gadhri Baba Niranjan Singh, recited a poem dedicated to the Gadharites. Surinder Sangha was the first speaker and he spoke in details the necessity and importance of the calendar, being published every year since 2008. This is one of the ways to remember Gadharites and pay tributes to them and, at the same time, make people aware to follow the path shown by the Gadhar heroes. In reference to the recent incidents of Punjab, Sangha asked the people to remain vigilant against the forces who once again trying to create and repeat the black days of 1984. He said some political opportunists and communal forces are trying to divide the people’s unity and reminded the people to remain active to make a safe and better society. To defeat the communal forces will be a real tribute to the Gadharites, he said. Harinderjeet Sandhu, joint secretary of ICWA, gave a detailed biography of Banda Singh Bahadur and highlighted the contribution he made to the society and how he got transformed to a warrior. Jinny Sims, former MP, and Harry Bains, MLA, and Avtar Gill of Tarakshee Society addressed the gathering. Prof. Karmjit Singh Gill spoke about the current political situation in Punjab and sufferings of farmers in particular. Pinder Badesha, Laimber Sahota, Surinder Thakkar, Jalman Singh Kooner, Sunny Gill, Surjeet Gill, Hardeep Gill were among the organisers. ICWA will chalk out its programmes of 2016, which will include publishing a souvenir, and holding seminars, public meetings and a public mela. (END)