October 04, 2015
Left Parties Organise Peace March Against Communal Incidents in Jharkand

THE communal violence incidents in the last week of September had created a sense of insecurity among people of Ranchi and other districts. On the festive occasion, incidents where meat was allegedly thrown outside places of worship in different places of Ranchi and some districts took place. These incidents are a part of planned conspiracy. They are not done by some mischievous groups but they are part of efforts for creating communal polarisation by organised communal forces. These incidents are also aimed to create polarisation in the forthcoming elections in Bihar.

The city of Ranchi was overwhelmed with rumors and altogether half a dozen places were tense. The police department did not take action on time; so the situation had become worse.

These incidents were also aimed to divert the attention of the people from the burning issues facing them. Modi led BJP government’s pro-corporate, anti-people policies, price hike, change in labour laws etc have created discontent among people and these incidents seek to turn the anger of the people into communal lines.

The Left Parties had immediately intervened against these incidents. They organised a Peace March in which people from all segments of the society took part. A ‘Human Chain’ was organized by different cultural and literary organisations at Albert Ekka Chowk in Ranchi on September 29, 2015 appealing for peace and communal harmony.

The Left Parties met with governor on October 1, and submitted a memorandum on this issue.