September 27, 2015

CITU: Continue Campaign on 12 Point Demands & Intensify Struggle

THE meeting of the CITU secretariat held on September 23-24, 2015 at B T Ranadive Bhawan, New Delhi commenced with a note of congratulation to the working class of the country for their mighty response to the call for countrywide general strike on September 2, 2015 given jointly by all the central trade unions of the country against the grievous fallouts of the anti-worker, anti-people policies of the government of India and also of most of the state governments on the life and livelihood of workers, peasants, agricultural workers and people from all walks of life. The 12 point charter of demands that formed the basis of the strike virtually implies the demand for reversal of the anti-worker and anti-people policies of the successive governments, which became more aggressive during the NDA regime headed by Narendra Modi. The meeting was presided over by A K Padmanabhan, president, CITU. Tapan Sen, general secretary presented the report in the meeting. The secretariat noted that the September 2 strike has been the biggest ever countrywide strike action the country has ever witnessed, both in terms of its depth and sweep. A large section of workers, both in the organised and unorganised sector who are still outside the purview of unionisation also joined the strike in a big way all over the country. Walk out by the BMS from the strike at the last moment had practically no impact on the strike. The secretariat also conveys its deep appreciation and gratitude to several thousands of trade union activists from all organisations for the intensive campaign exposing the anti-people policies of the governments in support of the strike call during the last three months preceding the strike, making the strike action a massive success. The secretariat expressed its gratitude to the mass of the people outside the trade union movement and also the organisations of all affiliations of peasants, agricultural workers, women, students and youth for their support and also for their contribution to the strike campaign. The CITU secretariat decided to continue its effort to further strengthen and widen the unity of trade unions and workers both at the top and at the grassroot level. While reviewing the preparatory campaign and also the strike in various sectors, the secretariat noted that the September 2 strike is the beginning of a new phase of struggle against the anti-worker, anti-farmer, anti-people and pro-corporate policies of the government. This is also a struggle to resist the nefarious designs to impose conditions of slavery on the working people through drastic changes in all labour laws. The momentum of the struggle must continue and it should be heightened in the days to come. To create ground for the same, the CITU secretariat has therefore called upon all the CITU units and federations • to continue countrywide campaign and agitation during October-November 2015 on the 12 point demands with particular focus on the demands on minimum wages of Rs 15000, same wage as regular workers for the contract workers, recognition of the scheme workers as workers with attendant benefits of minimum wages and social security benefits, scrapping of the proposals for pro-corporate changes in labour laws, containing price rise, stoppage of disinvestment etc • to take the campaign to the large section of non-unionised workers particularly those in road transport sector and emerging industrial units who joined the strike in a big way and organise them in trade unions • to intensify the membership drive among the mass of the workers in all workplaces • to fight against the communal divisive design of the ruling party to divide and disrupt the unity of the people.