May 03, 2015
Comrade Narra Raghava Reddy

Comrade Narra Raghava Reddy, veteran Party leader, died on 10th April after prolonged illness, at the age of 92. He was elected as an MLA from Nakirekal constituency in Nalgonda district of present Telangana state for six times. He acted as the deputy leader and leader of the Party in the state assembly and always stood for the rights of people and championed the cause of the poor. He was elected to the state committee of the CPI(M) in 1971 and remained a member till his health permitted. He was imprisoned for four years during 1967 and in 1975. Comrade Raghava Reddy started his life as a textile worker in Surat, Gujarat where he got involved in labour struggles and became attracted to the revolutionary movement. He resigned from his job and become Party whole timer in the year 1947. In his seven decades of Party life, he was a symbol of probity, integrity and dedication to the cause of the people. He was respected by one and all. He is survived by his adopted son and grandchildren. The Telangana state committee of the CPI(M) paid homage to the departed leader and expressed deep condolence to the family. (INN)