March 22, 2015

Syrian Communist Party Leader Shot Dead

A CENTRAL secretariat member of the Syrian Communist Party, Muhann (Hani) Jebara, was shot dead by an armed criminal gang near his home in "Tejara zone" of capital Damascus in the morning of March 12. Comrade Muhann was a real symbol of hardworking and dedicated Communist who fought for the interests of the masses, which was clear from his brave activities in the Damascus Governorate Council for many years. The Syrian Communist Party, in a condolence message, said Comrade Muhanna, born in 1966, was a symbol of discipline in the Party. He "was always optimistic of the victory of Syrian people over the hostile conspiracy that our homeland Syria currently confronts". In this sad and hard time, the Syrian Communists reaffirm their commitment to defend our homeland, besides standing for the interests of the people, regardless of the number of martyrs and victims towards reaching a free homeland and ensuring the happiness of the people.