March 15, 2015
Solidarity with Venezuela

ON the occasion of the Second Death Anniversary of Commandante Hugo Chavez, a commemoration meeting was held on March 5 in New Delhi. CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat, CPI secretary D Raja and Venezuelan ambassador addressed the meeting. A documentary was screened on the recent events, the conspiracies of the opposition forces and the struggles of the people in Venezuela. The speakers highlighted the struggle of the Bolivarian government which is facing internal and external threats by the opposition aided by the US government, and the significance of Commander Hugo Chavez. A resolution was placed in the meeting. Below is the text of the resolution. ON the second anniversary of Commandante Hugo Chavez’s death, we salute the late leader’s legacy and condemn US intervention in Venezuelan affairs. The US has imposed unjust economic sanctions on Venezuela in order to destabilise the country. We condemn the recent coup attempt, which was an attempt to overthrow the Maduro government by the right-wing reactionary forces. The same elements involved in the 2002 coup are those who continue to plot to overthrow the Bolivarian government today. The direct sabotage of the county's economy, the circumvention of the various means of control which the government has tried to implement in the economy, the planning of coups, the financing of paramilitaries and terrorist acts within the country and all such other measures are organised to push Venezuela into a crisis and ensure a 'regime change'. It is heartening to note that in spite of all these efforts, the people of Venezuela are firmly standing against all such acts of destabilisation. We express our solidarity with the fighting people of Venezuela in their struggle against oppression, exploitation and imperialism. Continuing our struggle against imperialism and for a world free of exploitation is the real homage that we can pay to president Hugo Chavez. Long Live Hugo Chavez.