November 16, 2014

Act against Communal Content on Internet: AIDWA to HM

THE AIDWA has submitted a memorandum to the home minister on November 5, urging him to take note of circulation of some audio messages online with an intention of spreading communal hatred in the national capital, as well as in other state capitals, and initiate an enquiry into the matter. These communally charged messages with highly problematic content directed against a particular community are being sent to people through email and mobile application WhatsApp. “You would be aware that in the last few months, many incidents of communal violence have occurred, in which the spark was ignited by mischievous and wrong portrayal of self-choice marriages as being part of a communal campaign by minority communities. In such a scenario, the dissemination of this scurrilous propaganda via Internet and social media can only vitiate the situation further, leading to an intensification of communal discord and hatred,” the AIDWA wrote in the memorandum. Those guilty of hate-mongering against particular religious communities by exchanging such communally-charged content, especially through mobile phones, should be identified and acted against stringently, it said and urged the home minister to ensure communal harmony at any cost.