August 17, 2014

DYFI Rajasthan Holds State Conference

THE 13th State Conference of the Rajasthan state DYFI was held at Gharshana, Sri Ganga Nagar from August 3-5, 2014. The conference was attended by 110 delegates representing 77,146 members in the state. On August 3, a huge rally marking the beginning of the conference passed through various thoroughfares of the city and reached the venue of the public conference. M B Rajesh, president of DYFI and MP, inaugurated the public meeting. Amra Ram, MLA and other DYFI leaders spoke at the public meeting. M B Rajesh outlined the political situation prevailing in the country and the world and stressed the need for strengthening the struggle against the neo-liberal policies of the government. He elaborated the unemployment situation in the country and called upon the youth to come forward against the government policies that generate unemployment instead of employment. In the delegate session, Ramrathan Bhagaria, state secretary of DYFI placed the report. The report detailed DYFI’s activities in the last three years highlighting the fact that despite being the largest organisation of the democratic minded youth in the state, the DYFI membership is not commensurate with its influence and sacrifices. The report was thoroughly discussed by the delegates and then unanimously adopted. In the last session, DYFI general secretary, Avoy Mukherjee greeted the conference. He spoke on the necessity of strengthening the organisation to fight for education, employment and communal harmony in the country. He clearly stated that massive struggles are the only way to reverse the policies of the government. The conference adopted a number of resolutions on unemployment, communal violence, against sexual harassment on women etc. The conference also adopted a future course of action The conference elected a 31-member committee with Raghuvir Verma as president and Ramrathan Bhagaria as secretary.