June 15, 2014

CC Decides to Review Political Line & Organisational Functioning

CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat said that the Polit Bureau and the Central Committee of the Party took the primary responsibility for the failure to expand the independent strength of the Party and for the decline in the mass base of the Party which was reflected in the recent elections. Addressing the press on June 9, 2014, at the Party headquarters after the two day Central Committee meeting of the Party that concluded in New Delhi on June 8, Karat said that the Central Committee has decided to review the current political line of the Party that is being pursued to see whether it is adequate and whether it has met the necessities of the situation. He said that the Party will initiate studies on the impacts of neo-liberalism, on the differentiation taking place within the classes and the resultant changes in the outlook and values, which are necessary to arrive at correct slogans that will meet the needs of the future. Prakash Karat said that the main agenda of the Central Committee meeting was the review of the Lok Sabha elections which was discussed and adopted in the CC. The meeting had an in-depth discussion and critically assessed the poor performance of the Party at the all India level. Asked about the newspaper reports that some Polit Bureau members had offered to resign from the leadership, Prakash Karat said, “I want to make this very clear – Neither in the Polit Bureau nor in the Central Committee was there anybody who had offered to resign.” He reiterated that the Party leadership has taken responsibility for the decline of the Party’s strength and mass base at the all India level and added that the decline has been looked at not just from the point of view of elections alone. He also said there will be an organisational review to shed light on the reasons for the inability to translate our struggles into political influence. There will be a necessary revamping of the organisation too, he said.