May 18, 2014
DYFI and TYF protest against TMC Violence in Bengal

Rahul Sinha

DYFI Tripura state committee and TYF central committee jointly organised massive protest against the brutal attack on Sayandip Mitra, president of DYFI West Bengal state committee and Tapas Sinha, former general secretary of DYFI central committee and CPI(M) candidate from Kanthi Lok Sabha constituency as part of the pre-poll violence of the TMC. On May 11 both the youth organisations held protest marches and street corner meetings at more than 70 spots spread across the state. Slogan shouting protest marches expressed solidarity with the crores of masses of Bengal facing the wrath of the TMC just for trying to exercise their democratic right to vote. The central programme in Agartala started with a militant march of the youth from Chhatra Yuva Bhavan (office of the DYFI, SFI state committees and TYF, TSU central committee). Walking past different streets of the city, it culminated in a street corner meeting at old motor stand of the city. The meeting was addressed by DYFI state secretary Amal Chakraborty, state president Pankaj Ghosh, vice president Mitali Bhattacharya and others. The youth leaders said, this unprecedented attack on the leading comrades of youth movement is a clear indication that the TMC government feared a massive mandate against them if free and fair elections were allowed. The increasing attack on the common people and Left Front workers is a clear sign of the ruling party losing ground. They recalled the semi fascist terror in Tripura during the jungle rule of 1988-92 Congress-TUJS government when democratic rights were stifled and barbaric attacks were unleashed on the workers of the Left movement, leading cadres of the democratic youth movement were butchered. They expressed confidence that these terror tactics will not be everlasting and people’s united fearless resistance will ultimately be victorious. They remembered how during the 1988-92, people and democratic movement of Bengal had stood in solidarity with Tripura and reiterated that the democratic masses of Tripura and youth will also stand in solidarity with all their ability.