April 27, 2014

Appeal the Chundur case in the SC

The following is the statement issued by the CPI(M) AP Committee on April 24, 2012: IT is unfortunate the High Court of Andhra Pradesh gave its judgement to quash the sentences granted to the culprits by the Special Court in the Chundur Dalit Massacre case. The Communist Party of India (Marxist), AP Committee demands the government to appeal the case in the Supreme Court. The attack on the Chundur dalits in Guntur district was a fact. Eight dalits were killed. The Special Court appointed for this purpose gave its judgement sentencing the culprits. Now, the High Court of Andhra Pradesh quashed this judgement on the plea that there are no appropriate evidences in the case. The government of Andhra Pradesh should bear the responsibility for this. From the day one, there were apprehensions that the culprits in the case were trying to weaken the case with the help of the some political leaders. After the verdict of the High Court, it is now evident that the government machinery or the police had never reacted and opposed such activities to strengthen the case. The government should immediately enquire into the matter as to why the officials did not cooperate in the case while it was under trials in the court. The CPI(M) demands the state government to immediately appeal in the Supreme Court and see that the government machinery and the police act appropriately to see that the culprits are punished and justice is done to the deprived families in the Chundur incident.