February 23, 2014

Venezuela Warns US to Keep Off

The following is the Communiqué issued by the Ministry of the People’s Power for Foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on February 16, 2014 THE government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela firmly rejects the statements made by the Secretary of State of the United States, John Kerry, since they constitute a new ploy from the government of Washington to promote and legitimate destabilisation attempts against the Venezuelan democracy, triggered by violent groups in the recent days. Obama’s Administration lies when it questions the validity of human rights and democratic guarantees in our country. Institutions of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, formed in a State of Law and Justice, guarantee the enjoyment of political rights to all its citizens, in a framework of large and constitutionally enshrined civic freedoms. The government of the United States lies when it denounces the detention of pacific anti-government protesters. The Venezuelan State has acted, and will continue to do so, against violent actions by small groups of right-wing extremists who dangerously conspire against democratic freedoms by putting at risk the life of our fellow citizens, against their freedom to peacefully exercise their rights, as well as acting against public and private property through loutish acts punishable by law. Secretary of State John Kerry, on behalf of his government, comes to the defence of violent leader Leopoldo Lopez. The world must know that there is enough evidence that the groups who have provoked violence in the last few days are led by Mister Leopoldo Lopez, who has been issued a legal arrest warrant so that he is brought to the authorities; and there will be neither force nor coercion able to halt this decision made by the Venezuelan authorities, which is necessary to restore peace in our Homeland. The government of the United States will have to accept its responsibility towards the Venezuelan people and the world, for allowing American institutions and individuals to finance, legitimate and encourage actions by people and groups who attack the Venezuelan society, and seek to twist the democratically expressed will of our people to build their destiny in sovereignty and peace. The Venezuelan people and government, along with the rest of State institutions and organisations of the people’s power, will imperturbably continue to exercise all actions which, within the framework of the Constitution as well as laws and principles of authentic democracy for the people, are necessary to guarantee the normal development of society, and to defeat the violence agenda openly endorsed by the imperial government of the United States. We call for the most active solidarity from independent governments and peoples of the world, against this serious American intervention.