On the Ideology of RSS – III

MOHAN Bhagwat, the Sarsangh Chalak of the RSS, while addressing the RSS workers at Kanpur on July 16, 2016 observed that Narendra Modi is our man and he is doing a good job.  It is not only that Modi, the prime minister, has a RSS background and linkages, Bhagwat assured the RSS workers that along with Modi “RSS workers are ministers” and the RSS agenda of the rewriting of text books will be implemented by the Modi government.  The presence of RSS workers is not confined to the Modi government at the centre; the state chief ministers of the BJP states are highly trusted and committ

On the Ideology of RSS – I

THE ABVP’s onslaught of terror and violence in Ramjas College, Delhi University should serve as an important reminder of the fundamentally anti-democratic nature of its parent organisation, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and all its affiliates. We must not look at the hooliganism of ABVP as an aberrant act but instead as something that is integral to RSS ideology. This article, in three parts, reflects on the ideology of RSS, its evolution through its history and links to the present political conditions in India.

WEST BENGAL: Ruling Nexus Fails the Communal Acid Test, Ismail’s Sewing Machine Endeavours

MUHAMMAD Ismail Ansari, owner of a small tailoring shop was robbed of all the seven sewing machines he had. Just about 100 metres away from there, Dilip Shaw’s grocery shop was set afire and burnt to ashes. The same happened to the shops of Akhter Hussain and Sirajuddin Ansari.  Gita Devi’s home was ransacked and adjacent to it Mani Jaiswal’s shop also got robbed off. The vicinity of Hajinagar market in Naihati had all the charecteristic wounds and bruises of a communal riot.

On Modi Led BJP Govt’s Foreign Policy

NARENDRA Modi, the chief executive of Indian democracy has been riding on the back of three horses’ – the globalised monopoly capitalist classes of India, the transnational monopoly capitalism and the Hindu Sangh Parivar of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and every important agenda of the Modi government is guided and determined by the interests and goals of these three driving forces which have guided prime minister Modi in decisions from 2014 to 2016.

The Making of a Hindu State

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi during his first two years has sent a clear and unambiguous message to fanatically and ideologically committed anti-Muslims belonging to the RSS or stray groups like Abhinav Bharat of Lt.Colonel Prasad Purohit or Kumari Pragya that they will be fully protected by the State apparatus even if they had broken the law of the land.  May 13, 2016 charge sheet submitted by the National Investigation Agency in the Malegaon Blast case of 2008 has overturned the investigations and charges filed by the Maharashtra ATS against Lt.

Modi Surrenders before Imperialism

NARENDRA Modi, prime minister and RSS pracharak, has grown up in the Sangh Parivar ideological training schools as a pro-American and pro-imperialist and its latest example is provided by the Modi government on April 12, 2016 when it declared its commitment to challenge the Chinese growing maritime power by announcing its decision to sign within weeks or ‘months’ a Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement with US ‘to provide supplies and fuel to each other’s armed forces from this bases’.

Imperialist Lust and Terrorism

THE latest suicide bomber attacks in Brussels by so-called Islamist Fundamentalist groups or fanatic followers of Iraq-Syria Islamic State (ISIS) ideology of establishing a pure, nonetheless an achronistic tottering idea of a pure Islamic Caliphate has raised many questions about the role of fanatic Islamist religious groups who have taken upon themselves the task or responsibility of spreading ‘violence’ in imperialist western countries to take revenge for oppression and repression of the Arab Muslims by western imperialists.


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