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Do Not Succumb to US Pressures For Unilateral Military Intervention

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement on September 30.

THE Obama administration has been putting great pressure on India of late to join a US-led coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. It may take advantage of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s presence in New York at the moment to make India fall in line with its plans.

PM’s Visit to New York & Washington Lack of Substance: A Dangerous Portend

PRIME Minister Modi’s visit to New York and Washington on the occasion of addressing the annual United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) turned out to be, as the PTI reported, of the nature of a “rock star celebrity”. His speeches at the Madison Square Garden and the annual rock star ritual that takes place every year on the occasion of the UNGA at New York’s Central Park confirmed once again that the mindset of a continuing Indian election campaign has not yet been discarded by Prime Minister Modi.

Significant Advances for SFI in Student Union Elections in Delhi

ELECTIONS to the Delhi University students’ union (DUSU) and Jawaharlal Nehru University students ’ union (JNUSU), which were held on September 12, saw significant advances for the Students’ Federation of India; particularly in the backdrop that the entire state organisation has been in the phase of rebuilding after the disruption in July 2012. Elections to the student unions of both these universities assume importance, given the fact that both these central universities have a national character in terms of the composition of the students.

More Unity is Needed

THE Delhi Union of Journalists and the Delhi Press Unity Centre in a joint statement issued on September 24, on the eve of the meeting of the Confederation of Newspaper and News Agencies Employees in Delhi today has demanded that the state and central labour commissioners act in unison to protect the wage board for working journalists as upheld by the Supreme Court.

HARYANA: CPI(M) Releases the List of Candidates for Assembly Elections

THE Haryana state unit of CPI(M) on September 20 released its manifesto and the list of Party candidates for the upcoming assembly elections. The manifesto named as Jan Sankalp has severely condemned the ruling political parties for indulging opportunist political defections.

  The CPI(M) manifesto has emphasised the need to reverse the neo- liberal policy regime.

Thousands Participate in Opening Rallies of CPI(M) Candidates

AT the time of filing this report, when the Shiv Sena-BJP on the one hand, and the Congress-NCP on the other, are still continuing with their bitter fight for a greater number of state assembly seats and consequently for the chief ministership, CPI(M) candidates in many constituencies have started filing their nomination forms from September 20 with enthusiastic mass rallies of thousands of people.

Pent-up Anger Burst Out in Students’ Protest

THE students’ movement and the police attack in Jadavpur University have triggered a massive protest in West Bengal. Students of other universities and colleges, teachers and intellectuals have joined in unison to condemn the state administration. The unprecedented rally of thousands of students in Kolkata on September 20  and the series of protests thereafter have clearly demonstrated the pent up wrath of the students, who suffered from atrocities committed by ruling party hoodlums in educational institutions for the last three years.

Re-admit all the Dismissed Students

ELEVEN dalit students from a government school in Bikaner in Rajasthan were dismissed after two of them were found drinking water from an earthen pot meant for an upper caste teacher. The teacher Mangal Singh took this extreme punitive step as he felt that the children “defiled” the water by touching the pot. The parents were also compelled to sign or put their thump impressions on eleven blank sheets of paper.


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