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Change of Design needed to Ensure Minimum Submersion & Maximum Benefits

THE process of bifurcation of the state of Andhra Pradesh has turned the Polavaram issue into a more complicated one. The former UPA-2 government in its hurry to push the bifurcation bill had wanted to satisfy its own party leaders in Andhra area and therefore gave the national project status to Polavaram project. In 2009 itself, the then union government promised 10 district Telangana state including villages which would get submerged due to the project. The bill categorically stated that the submersion villages should be shifted to the residuary Andhra Pradesh.

Enthusiastic Response to AIAWU Conference

THE announcement of the eighth All India Conference of the All India Agricultural Workers Union from July 30 to August 2, 2014 at the office bearers meeting held at Hyderabad on July 16, has had a snowballing effect on the poorest and the most oppressed in the country. The conference will represent membership from 14 states. The number of delegates has reached 831. Not the least is the fact that the state of Andhra Pradesh (now Telangana and Andhra) has increased its membership beyond last year to 16, 05,912 from 14, 63,827.

Foreign Policy under NDA-2

THE world will be watching as the new BJP led government formulates its foreign policy priorities. During the 2014 election campaign, the main focus of Narendra Modi was on domestic issues. His stated top priority is good governance and reversing the country’s economic slide. However his remarks on illegal “Bangladeshi immigrants” and his attempts to differentiate between Hindu and Muslim immigrants, while campaigning in West Bengal and Assam have perturbed the government in Dhaka. Bangladesh is one of India’s closest regional allies.

Trading Away Access to Public Services

A CONSPIRACY was hatched, at the behest of the global elite, in Geneva in 2012 that has far reaching implications for the welfare and well being of billions of people across the world. The conspiracy involves the commencement of secret negotiations, called the ‘Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)’ that seeks to convert all forms of services across the world into tradable commodities. The latest round of negotiations in this process concluded in Geneva in June 2014.


ON July 15, the five BRICS countries, Brazil , Russia, India, China, and South Africa formally created a New Development Bank at Forteleza, Brazil, which would be headquartered in Shanghai and would have an Indian as its first president. It would have a capital base of $50 billion to start with, contributed by the five governments, and would provide development funding to all governments for infrastructure projects.

Prosecute the Shiv Sena MP

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement on July 24, 2014

THE Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) strongly condemns the criminal and uncivilised act of a Shiv Sena MP Rajan Vichare, in the presence of other MPs of his party, of force feeding a person who was observing a fast for Ramzan. The defence of the Shiv Sena has been proved to be a lie by evidence broadcast in the media which shows that the MP was told by the victim that he was on fast.


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