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A Conspiracy to Erase the Gory Memory of the Gujarat Riots

THE Gujarat government appointed Nanavati Commission has finally submitted its final report on the Godhra incident and the post-Godhra carnage, 2002. Media reports state that the Commission has found no reason to summon the then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi in order to probe the responsibility and role of the state government in the riots. This reported conclusion contradicts the evidence provided to different committees and commissions setup in the last decade to investigate the pre-planned character of the riots.

TAMILNADU Liquor Shops and Ration Shops: How the Govt Responds to Agitations on Both?

RECENTLY, the state of Tamil Nadu witnessed two different and important struggles. When we compare the approach of the government and the police officials towards both these struggles, the double stand of the AIADMK government gets exposed.
Of the two struggles, the first one was, AIDWA's massive protest programme against the government run TASMAC liquor shops; the second one was, DYFI's protest call demanding more ration shops.

Jammu Kashmir Awami Mutahida Mahaz (AMM) Releases its Election Manifesto

JAMMU Kashmir Awami Mutahida Mahaz released its Election Manifesto on November 21 in Srinagar. The Manifesto titled “Towards a democratic alternative platform” asserts that the people of Jammu & Kashmir are facing various stressful problems which have their roots in the political uncertainty and the presence of harsh anti-people laws and acts. The political rights of the people have been extremely limited while the administration is bereft of transparency and responsiveness.

IAS Officer Close to Kerala CM Suspended For Possessing Disproportionate Assets

EXPOSING the unhindered corrupt practices in both political and bureaucratic levels in Kerala, the secretary of Public Works Department and senior IAS officer T O Sooraj has been suspended from the service. Action against Sooraj, known to be very close to the Chief Minister and several others including industries minister P K Kunjalikkutty, was taken after vigilance raids unearthed huge assets disproportionate to his known sources of income.

Massive Protest in Rural Bengal Against Dilution of MGNREGA

MASSIVE protest action took place in rural West Bengal on November 26 against centre’s move to dilute MGNREGA , corruption in rural employment programme in the state and demanding remunerative prices for agricultural produces. Four Left peasant organisations called for stoppage of agricultural-related work and demonstrations while the CITU called upon the rural unorganised working people to join in the struggle.

CPI(M) Organises Protest against MGNREGA Dilution

As part of the countrywide protest day to save MGNREGA, CPI(M) in Tripura organised protest meetings and dharnas in front of the offices of central government throughout the state on November 26. Two hour long dharna and protest meetings at more than 50 places across the state witnessed militant participation of thousands of people. At all the venues of the protest meetings from 12 pm to 2 pm the mood was clear -- the people of Tripura shall not take this attack on the livelihood of the rural people lying down.

Red Flags Flutter in Mandakini Valley

THE scenic Mandakini Valley was wrapped in Red flags as Party branch committees held their conferences in several localities, even in areas that were affected by the last year’s deluge. In the past one month, several villages and towns of Rudraprayag witnessed different activities by CPI(M) workers and the common people. Almost all the branch conferences began with a public meeting and the speakers were very vocal and critical about the role of the government agencies involved in the disaster management and relief.

Revision of Eligibility for Civil Services Objectionable

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement on November 21.

THE central government is considering a move to reduce the upper age limit and the number of attempts by applicants for the civil services examinations in the country.

Such a step would adversely affect all those who are seeking to join the civil services. The move to reduce the age eligibility and the number of attempts for SC/ST candidates is particularly objectionable.

The central government should not take any step in this direction.

Modi Govt Unmasked: ‘Development’ Mukhota Discarded

WHEN Narendra Modi won the internal battles and was projected as the RSS/BJP’s prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 general elections, this column had the occasion to state that the RSS had finally decided to discard its “mukhota”. When the prime protagonist of the 2002 Gujarat communal carnage has been assigned this task by the RSS/BJP, it was clear that they no longer required a mukhota to mask the pursuit of their real agenda – the transformation of the modern Indian secular democratic Republic into the RSS vision of a rabidly intolerant fascistic `Hindu Rashtra’.


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