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MAHARASHTRA: Massive CPI(M) March in Solapur on Housing Issue

MORE than 40,000 people marched in Solapur on December 24, 2014 under the banner of the CPI(M), demanding that the state government immediately sanction the proposed housing projects for the poor, along with the necessary budgetary allocations. This march started from the CPI(M) office at Datta Nagar and culminated at the district collector's office. Thousands of members of the housing projects participated. A huge number of them were women. The march was led by CPI(M) Central Committee member Narsayya Adam, ex-MLA.

Fight To Save & Strengthen MGNREGA In Favour Of The Workers

THE BJP which had promised the creation of jobs as its prime election slogan has openly declared war on MGNREGA, the only demand driven legal guarantee for employment of at least 100 days a year per family in rural India. The legislation, though poorly implemented, had brought some relief to the unemployed and underemployed rural poor. According to the Economic Survey presented by the BJP finance minister Arun Jaitley in June this year, under this legislation 4.5 crore households had been provided an average of 45 days work in 2013-2014 at an average daily wage of Rs 132.

Foreign Policy under NDA-2

THE world will be watching as the new BJP led government formulates its foreign policy priorities. During the 2014 election campaign, the main focus of Narendra Modi was on domestic issues. His stated top priority is good governance and reversing the country’s economic slide. However his remarks on illegal “Bangladeshi immigrants” and his attempts to differentiate between Hindu and Muslim immigrants, while campaigning in West Bengal and Assam have perturbed the government in Dhaka. Bangladesh is one of India’s closest regional allies.


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