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Journos Protest Assassination of Shujaat Bukhari

THE National Alliance of Journalists(NAJ) and its Delhi affiliate – Delhi Union of Journalists(DUJ) along with various other bodies all over the country have come out with solidarity statements at the assassination  of Shujaat Bukhari. Massive protests have taken place in the Kashmir valley and a joint solidarity meeting has been held at the Press Club of India in Delhi, on June 18, called by the PCI, IWPC, Press Association and various other organisations. A black day protest in Delhi by the Delhi Union of Journalists was held on June 23, 2018.

Journos Call for Vigilance Day Next Week

SEEING the government’s withdrawal of the I&B ministry’s punish journalist directive as a temporary reprieve  and a damage control exercise, the National Alliance of Journalists and  Delhi Union of Journalists, in a statement issued on April 4, have called for a vigilance day next week . This is taking into account the fact that the Press Council is toothless and a democratic all-encompassing Media Council of India is the need of the hour. The statement followed the government withdrawal announcement on April 3.

Why Shoot the Messenger?

THE National Alliance of Journalists and Delhi Union of Journalists, in a statement issued on January 8, have jointly condemned the registering of an FIR against Tribune reporter Rachna Khaira and her sources for her expose of leaks in the Aadhar system. We believe the reporter should be commended for investigating and bringing to light the easy access that touts and hackers have to the UIDAI’s allegedly impenetrable data site and its availability for as little as Rs 500 to anyone who wants it.

Jungle Law for Journalists

KILL, bash, terrorise and exploit. This is the new law for keeping journalists under control today, be it the print media, the electronic media or the new social media. Of course, from time to time government backed ‘carrot and stick’ approaches follow as breathers in a murky world of money and power for a select few.

DUJ Demands CBI Inquiry into the Death of Journalist Investigating the Vyapam Scam

The following is the press statement issued by the Delhi Union of Journalists on July 5.

THE DUJ is deeply grieved and shocked at the mysterious death of young Aajtak journalist Akshay Singh while investigating the Vyapam Scam in Madhya Pradesh.  His sudden death cannot be isolated from the total number of 45 deaths of witnesses, accused and others connected to this Rs 2000 crore scam.

The government of Shivraj Singh Chouhan has much to answer for. Why is it unable to stem the tide of murders and suicides realted to the scam?

DUJ Protest Day on November 28 Against Invisible Press Censorship

The following is the press statement issued by the Delhi Union of Journalists on November 26.
THE Delhi Union of Journalists and the Delhi Press Unity Centre 2014 have called upon activists to join the protest meeting in the union premises on Friday evening against the invisible press censorship of trade union movements in general and even of struggles including court cases pertaining to journalists and press workers.

More Unity is Needed

THE Delhi Union of Journalists and the Delhi Press Unity Centre in a joint statement issued on September 24, on the eve of the meeting of the Confederation of Newspaper and News Agencies Employees in Delhi today has demanded that the state and central labour commissioners act in unison to protect the wage board for working journalists as upheld by the Supreme Court.


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