GUJARAT: Riot, Hindu Charter Indicate Assembly Poll Agenda

AS the assembly elections in Gujarat are due in December, atmosphere of communal tension and Hindu fundamentalism cannot be far away.

The hint of this phenomenon was available last weekend with the death of one person in a communal clash in north Gujarat while the main urban cluster of Ahmedabad hosted a Virat Hindu Sammelan which issued a 12-point charter titled ‘Hindu first’.

GUJARAT: Anganwadi Workers Brave Mass-scale Arrest and Repression

GUJARAT Anganwadi Workers and Helpers Union has been on strike since February 21, 2017 against non-provisioning of anything in the state budget on their basic demands. They decided to conclude the strike on March 8 through a massive rally at Ahmedabad.  The BJP government in the state tried all repressive measures to break the strike including preemptive arrests in a big way. But the strike continued successfully braving all atrocities.  The government was not ready for talks.

Patel Quota Agitation: Failure of Gujarat Model of Development

THE widespread agitation for reservation for the Patel community is a clear indication of the failure of the so-called Gujarat model of development. The stir was the outcome of lack of employment opportunities, agrarian crisis and low social development indicators in the state. As the Modi government’s promise of “acchhe din” turned out to be an illusion, frustrated and ambitious youths of the community turned their focus on ‘anamat’ (reservation) as the only solution to their problems of joblessness and lack of education opportunities.

Parched Villages and Corporate Water Politics in Gujarat

IN September 2013, the member secretary of the Gujarat Water Supply and Sewage Board declared Gujarat a water surplus state. Speaking at a national conference, he stated that all villages should get 50 litres per capita per day (LPCD) of water, while each city should get 140 LPCD as per government norms, but in Gujarat we are now providing 100 LPCD of water to every village and 150 LPCD to every town as per government norms.

Poverty and Dispossession in Gujarat Model of Development

AS the BJP and its prime ministerial candidate intensify their aggressive election campaign, questions have begun to be raised about the inclusive character of the ‘Gujarat Model of Development.’ Modi has often asserted that his economics and model of development has benefited all. But this claim is based on a manipulation of data which hide the actually rising inequalities within the state. This is seen in the debate that has erupted on the poverty line within the state.

Evidence for High Level Criminal Conspiracy does Exist

ON behalf of thousands of survivors of the 2002 genocidal pogrom that took place in Gujarat from February to May 2002, the Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) has expressed deep disappointment and anguish at the verdict of the magistrate court, Judge B J Ganatra, accepting the dismissal of serious criminal charges of criminal conspiracy against the Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi and 59 others.

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