Thinking Together

Thinking Together

The constitution of India provides for Hindi as an official language of the Indian Union.  There is also a provision that parliament may, by law, provide for the use of the English language even after a period of 15 years after the promulgation of the constitution.  At the same time, one or more languages can be declared as the official language of a state by the legislature of that state.  Is this a fair language policy?

S Sekhar, Bengaluru

Thinking Together

How does the CPI(M) view the prime minister’s efforts to convert India into a ‘cashless’ economy, or, where all transactions are undertaken digitally?

Rajani Mazumdar



THE CPI(M) is opposed to the way in which digitalisation is being forced upon people by the Modi government for several reasons.

Thinking Together

A writer, Kamal C Chavara, was arrested in Kerala on charges of sedition for a Facebook Post.  Why was this done on a complaint by the BJP youth wing?  Is this not an assault on the freedom of expression?

Sudarshanan, Kozhikode


The police had arrested Kamal Chavara on the basis of a complaint lodged by some members of the BJP Yuva Morcha in Kollam district.  After he was arrested in Kozhikode, it was announced by the police official that he has been charged under Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code which is of sedition.

Thinking Together

Two Maoists were killed by the police last month in a forest in Kerala. The CPI state secretary and other civil rights activists have condemned the killings alleging it was a false encounter. The LDF government is being accused of adopting the same approach as other state governments. Can you explain the CPI(M) position?

·        P K Rajen, Kochi


Thinking Together

The Supreme Court has decreed that all cinema halls should play the national anthem before starting of a film and people present in the hall should stand up during the playing of the anthem. Will this step help in promoting patriotism and nationalism? How does the CPI(M) view it?

Harsh Kumar, Delhi


Thinking Together

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared support for the struggle of the Balochi people during his Independence Day speech.  Since then, the Modi government has been actively supporting the cause of the Balochistan people in Pakistan.  What is the CPI(M)’s understanding on the issue?

Piyush Kumar, Delhi

BALOCHISTAN is a resource-rich province of Pakistan which borders Afghanistan and Iran.  There has been, over the decades, spurts of insurgency for seeking a separate status for Balochistan with some forces demanding independence. 

Thinking Together

The union government wants to bring in simultaneous elections for the Lok Sabha and state assemblies.  Will this not be beneficial for the country?  What is the CPI(M) stand on this proposal?


Gurmesh Singh, Chandigarh

THE BJP-led government is eager to initiate simultaneous elections for the Lok Sabha and the state assemblies.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come out supporting the idea of holding simultaneous elections.

Thinking Together

Q. The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill is pending in the Rajya Sabha since 2014. What is the CPI(M)’s stand?

Rajasekharan, Chennai


A. The Bill was introduced in February 2014 when the UPA II government was on its way out. There was an inordinate delay in introducing the Bill, set to replace the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995, consequent to India signing and ratifying the United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2007.

Thinking Together

Swami Vivekananda emerged as an iconic saint-philosopher who is credited for bringing a new momentum to the process of Hindu revivalism in the 19th century.  The Hindu nationalists spearheaded by RSS and its affiliates have and continue to project Swamiji as the leading light of militant Hindutva.  The CPI(M) and the Left have not taken it upon themselves to confront his ideas in a vigorous manner.  Why is it so?

Biswajit Ghosh, Kolkata



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