TMC ‘Sweeps’ Democracy in Bengal

LOOK at some broad figures:

On August 13, elections to seven municipalities including Durgapur Corporation took place in West Bengal.  There were 146 wards in total. TMC won four of them without contest. Out of the rest 142, TMC won 138 wards. In Durgapur, a traditional strong base of the Left and in Haldia, TMC won all the wards. They got 72 per cent votes in seven municipalities. TMC got 85 per cent votes in Haldia. In many wards of Haldia, Durgapur, Nalhati and Coopers’ Camp, TMC received over 90 per cent votes.  

KARNATAKA: CITU Holds State Jatha in Defence of Labour Rights

THE Karnataka state committee of the CITU has organised a 16-day long state-wide jatha in defence of labour rights from July 29 to August 13, covering 30 districts of the state, travelling around 4,500 kilometres. The jatha began from Vidarashwatha on the banks of river Uttara Pinakini in Chikkaballapura district, which is the place of nine martyrs of freedom struggle who were shot dead by the British police on April 23, 1938 and also known as Jallianwalabagh of Karnataka.

MAHARASHTRA: AIDWA Exhibition on Women Freedom Fighters Hailed

AIDWA pays its homage to one of its founders, Captain Laxmi Sehgal on July 23 to mark her death anniversary. This year, the period from July 23 to August 15 and beyond is being observed throughout the country with the poster exhibition about the life and work of prominent Left women freedom fighters and martyrs who sacrificed their lives for a free, democratic, secular and socialist India. The central executive committee of AIDWA has so far painstakingly compiled the contribution of more than 50 such women leaders from different states all over India.

Jammu and Kashmir: Deletion of Article 35-A will Threaten J&K’s Distinct Identity

SINCE Article 35-A of the Indian Constitution which confers some special privileges on the permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir has become a very hot topic, we need to go back in history and trace the genesis of the present conspiracy which aims at the deletion of this provision. It is essential to note that the accession of J&K to the Indian Union was made under special circumstances and was distinct in comparison to other states.

TELANGANA: Journalists Condemn CM’s Dictatorial Attitude

SPEAKER after speaker called for unity among the journalists fraternity to fight the onslaught of the Chandrasekhar Rao government which was threatening the freedom of press.

The speakers lambasted the TRS government for adopting a dictatorial attitude towards the journalists at a round table meeting on "Government's attitude towards media and journalists" at Sundarayya Vignana Kendram in Hyderabad on August 11. 


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