Kids of Kannur Help UP Mother as Yogi Adityanath Govt Fails to Act

IT was a distressing news report -- Aarti Sharma, a woman from Agra in Uttar Pradesh, offered to sell her kidney to bear educational expenses of her three daughters and a son. And no one in her state came out to help her, despite her meeting Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The district administration refused to offer any help to Aarti and her children in their hour of need. She had to sell their LPG cylinder in the black market to travel to Lucknow to meet the chief minister.

All-India Conference of Road Transport Workers’ Federation Held

THE 10TH national conference of the All India Road Transport Workers’ Federation (AIRTWF) was held in Visakhapatnam from June 4 to June 6. It began with a rally of 5,000-strong workers, which culminated with an open meeting at the Gandhi statue near the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation office. The delegate session was held at the Kalabharathi Auditorium in Maddilapalem, which was named as Sujit Das Nagar in memory of the founder-general secretary of the federation. Delegates from all over the country participated in the conference.

PUNJAB: CPI(M) Holds Two-Day Organisational Plenum

THE two day organisational plenum of Punjab state committee of CPI(M) was held at Bhakna Bhawan in Chandigarh on June 9-10, to review the Party Organisation in Punjab in the light of directions and guidelines of the Kolkata Plenum. 115 delegates participated in the plenum from all the districts of Punjab.

A presidium consisting of Vijay Misra (convenor), Raghunath Singh, Ram Singh Noorpuri, Bibi Subhash Mattoo and Gurdarshan Singh conducted the proceedings.

KERALA: EMS Smrithi Held in Thrissur

THE 19th edition of EMS Smrithi was organised in Thrissur by COSTFORD on June 13-14. More than 1000 people participated as delegates in a total of eight sessions themed around “Relevance of the October Revolution and its Contemporary Reading”.  The programme is being organised since last 19 years to remember Comrade EMS Namboodiripad, chief minister of the first communist government in Kerala, on his birth anniversary.

KARNATAKA: ‘Shoot the farmers & Go on Fast – Mockery of Democracy” Says Yechury

INSTEAD of fulfilling the demands of farmers for implementing loan waiver and minimum support price of cost of crop plus 50 per cent, which have been promised by the BJP in its election manifesto, the state government led by the BJP in Madhya Pradesh shoots the farmers. Then the chief minister goes on a fast. Can there be any more shameful mockery of democracy, asked CPI(M) general secretary, Sitaram Yechury. He was speaking at “Save Constitution Deshpremi Convention” organised by CPI(M) Karnataka state committee in Mysore on June 11.

BIHAR: CPI(M) Organises Campaign on Burning Issues

THE three year rule of the Modi led BJP government at the centre has brought all-round miseries for the people, through snatching away the livelihood of vast number of unorganized sector workers through demonetisation, banning cattle sale, cutting allocations for various social welfare measures like old age pensions, MNREGA, ICDS programme etc. Linking of Aadhar cards for getting ration and benefits from other social security measures has rendered vast number of genuine beneficiaries ineligible.  


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