Defense & Strategic affairs

Using the Indian Armed Forces to Bailout Cronies

DEFENCE reforms is the new mantra of the Modi government. Internal restructuring of armed forces organisation and changing the procurement and production procedures of defence products are the twin objectives of the reforms. How the reforms will eventually impact the Indian armed forces is not what the government seems to be concerned with. Its sole purpose of pushing the reforms is to chaperone a few big Indian business houses into the defence game and provide them the opportunities to make big buck. 

Abolish Free Ration for Military to Fill Corporate Pockets

MODI government only wants to milk the sacrifices of armed forces for political gains. It wants to draw maximum political mileage from the body-bags that come from borders. But when it comes to the wages and entitlements of the armed forces, the central government conveniently forgets its commitment to the men-in-uniform. It did not grant One Rank One Pension (OROP) to soldiers and now it is nibbling at their hard-won rights to free rations.     

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