SFI, DSMM Demand Review of NEET Exam

ON September 1, S Anitha, who was a petitioner against the centralised NEET examination, committed suicide. Condoling her death, the Students’ Federation of India in a statement issued on September 2, said that the 17-year old dalit girl Anitha, who has done exceptionally well in academics had scored 1176 marks out of 1200 in the plus two exams under the Tamil Nadu state board, but could score only 76 out of 700 in NEET. She prepared for the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) ignoring all hindrances. She was a petitioner in the Supreme Court against the implementation of NEET for admission to medical courses in Tamil Nadu.

Recently we have witnessed lots of controversies regarding NEET examination in various parts of our country, especially in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. It is argued that the questions were different in Bengali and Tamil language.

Experiences of last two years of NEET have showed that the concerns raised by the students regarding the NEET are proving right. It has benefited the students of central boards and discouraged the state board students. Additionally language is also becoming a hurdle and base of discrimination. Various cases regarding NEET are pending in Supreme Court which is increasing the uncertainty about their future. Students from deprived sections which are fighting hard to overcome their economic and social obstacles are finding it difficult to overcome the uncertainty created by NEET.

Suicide of Anitha from Ariyalur district is one of the example how our system is killing the students. She was a respondent in the NEET case in the Supreme Court, arguing that the entrance exam will shatter the dreams of several students from rural Tamil Nadu and she herself failed to overcome her shattered dreams.

SFI demands a proper review of the NEET examination procedure so that no more Anithas have to die.


IN a statement issued on September 2, the Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch (DSMM) said that Anitha, a dalit girl and brilliant student from Tamil Nadu killed herself due to the central government’s negligence on reviewing the NEET examination system which was opposed by several states and students. This shocking and most unfortunate incident could have been prevented if the central government had taken steps in accordance with the popular opinion against NEET. Students from deprived sections who are fighting hard to overcome their economic and social obstacles are finding difficulties due to NEET. Suicide of this girl from Ariyalur district is an example of how this system is killing students who mostly come from socially oppressed sections who have been denied quality education since ages. In such a situation, Anitha got highest marks (1176 out of 1200) in her plus two board examination, but failed to get through in an unfair national competition. She, along with others, had approached the Supreme Court for justice. In the mean time, due to the delay, she committed suicide.

DSMM demands a proper review of the NEET exam. It also demands the state and central governments to assist Anitha’s family in overcoming this tragedy.

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