WEST BENGAL: Big Capital Supporting Right Reactionaries

From our Special Correspondent

IMPLEMENTING the tenets of Marxism in concrete conditions is an essential task of a Marxist. CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury emphasised this point in two public meetings commemorating 200 years of Marx. The meetings took place in Sreerampore in Hooghly and Dum Dum in North 24 Parganas. Both the meetings drew huge crowds.

In both the meetings, Yechury said, concrete decisions have to taken in concrete situations. We have to grasp Marxism and implement it in concrete situations. The task of the Marxists is to implement tenets of Marxism to carry forward the struggle for radical change of the society.

He said, Lenin showed us that even with favorable objective situation for revolution, lack of subjective factors allow capitalism to sustain. The most important subjective factor is the revolutionary organisation of the working class. In today’s world, the capitalists are intervening politically to create such a condition so that struggles do not develop. Capital, in order to sustain its profit, even supports fascism. Capitalism takes recourse to fascism to come out of crisis of its own making. From Trump to Modi, right reactionaries are getting the support of the big capital. Both of them raised popular slogans to attract votes. Trump said that he would arrange jobs for Americans by ousting foreigners. Modi promised 10 crore jobs in five years. The reality is employment scenario in India has declined sharply and a spate of job loss is being witnessed. The ruling classes consciously select a political party which has some kind of mass base and which will be able to defend their interests. They extend support to such parties. In India, the same capital that used to support Congress is now supporting BJP. Modi government is also appeasing them, allowing them to make much more profit in a faster way. Big capital is supporting Modi and his party knowing full-well that they are out to create a state based on religious identity.

Yechury said, BJP does not want to disturb the TMC government in West Bengal. The real reason is that they do not want the Left to gain. The fear of the Left has led BJP to become a controlled opposition in the state. BJP and TMC have been pursuing competitive communalism, bringing in new dangers in the state and this is not merely a political understanding but an understanding between communal forces. With the rise of rightist forces, West Bengal has come to such a pass that lynching is taking place in the name of cow. Yechury was referring to death of two youth in Dhupguri in Jalpaiguri district after they were lynched on the rumor of stealing cows. He asked with anguish, ‘Could anyone imagine it in Jyoti Basu’s Bengal?”  He said, in the national perspective the struggle against BJP’s attempt to establish a Hindu Rashtra is an important task for the Left. TMC is an enemy of democracy in West Bengal. It is difficult to fight both of them and the Party and the Left are carrying this tough battle in West Bengal. 

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