All India Convention of Mass Organisations on Sept 18

THE Left and democratic mass, class and social organisations across the country  will launch a united platform to intensify  the issue-based united struggle against the anti-people policies of the BJP led NDA government by building widest unity of the people in an all India convention on September 18 at Mavlankar hall in New Delhi. The convention is being organised in the context of the intensified onslaught on people’s rights and the democratic fabric of the country and the growing struggles of different sections of the people against the neo-liberal economic policies and communal, divisive politics of hate and violence.

In a statement issued on August 28, the Members of the Organising Committee – Hannan Mollah, Amarjeet Kaur, Atul Kumar Anjan, K Hemalata, Annie Raja, Tirumalai, Kavita Krishnan, Mariam Dhawale, Vikram Singh, Anil Chowdhury, Dr Sunilam, Nikhil Dey, Rajeev Dimri, Gautam Modi, K Madhuresh Kumar, P Krishnaprasad, Roma Malik – have said that this convention will facilitate the coming together of more than a hundred all India and regional based organisations. The united platform will work towards common cause and will try to bring all possible Left and democratic movements, organisations and individuals willing to fight against the neo-liberal policies and RSS-BJP combine and other forces of authoritarianism and communalism.

The proposed united platform ‘Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Andolan’ will strive for people’s unity, people’s rights, people’s resistance – jan ekta, jan adhikar, jan pratirodh.  The convention will adopt a resolution on the current socio-political and economic situation, a charter of demands and future plan of action.

The convention will express its support and solidarity to the ongoing struggles by the joint platform of central trade unions – the three day’s continuous mass dharna from November 9-11 before the parliament and the struggles by the joint platform of peasant organizations – the march to parliament on November 20.

Activists of mass, class and social organisations representing workers, peasants, agricultural workers, students, youth, women, employees, tribals, dalits, minorities, other socially oppressed sections, writers, cultural groups, intellectuals, secular progressive individuals etc from all the states will assemble in this convention.

The decision of the convention was taken after a series of consultations and meetings of various trade unions, peasant, agricultural workers, women, youth, students’ organisations and social movements.

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