Harkishan Singh Surjeet Bhawan, CPI(M) Central Party School

COMRADE Harkishan Singh Surjeet always used to emphasise that the political and ideological education combined with the rich experiences of class and mass struggles equips the Party cadres to combat the offensives of the class enemies and develop the political mass base of the Party. Therefore a permanent Party central school is needed in order to advance the revolutionary movement. Keeping this in mind the Polit Bureau decided to build a permanent central school and name it after Comrade Harkishan Singh Surjeet.

The Party was allotted land measuring 2534.46 sq mtrs at Kotla Road by the government in December 2008. The partial possession of land measuring 1849.80 sq mtrs was handed over to us in February 2009 as the rest of the land was illegally encroached upon. We surrendered this land in July 2012 when the government failed to remove the encroachment and asked for another plot of land in lieu of that. We got the revised letter of allotment of land under our possession in May 2014.

There was another issue concerning building by-laws which did not permit the residential accommodation in the building. Residential accommodation was one of the basic needs of the Party central school. So we took up the issue with the authorities to amend the Delhi Master Plan 2021 so that the basic needs of all political parties in their offices are fulfilled. This was also a time consuming lengthy procedure.

We could submit our building plans to the authorities after overcoming all these hurdles in 2014. That is why the construction work of Surjeet Bhawan could start only in February 2017 after getting the approval from multiple government/municipal bodies.

We are glad to inform that the foundation work and lower basement of Surjeet Bhawan is complete now. The work on upper basement is in full swing. We hope that the Party central school will be fully operational by June 2018. The salient features of Surjeet Bhawan include book shop, library, two multipurpose halls, state of art lecture hall with a capacity of 120, residential accommodation for teachers and students, three suite rooms, conference room, state of art auditorium with a capacity to have 500 people, green rooms, sound and light room, lobby, refreshment counter and offices. We urge upon Party ranks, all our sympathisers and people to contribute generously for completing the construction of the Surjeet Bhawan.

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