Thinking Together

These days, when I view the electronic media and when I come across many of my fellow comrades, I get the impression that we have failed to impress the common people and raise their basic problems.   Have we become merely a force which reacts to developments?

S Baruah

The issue you have raised has many aspects.

Firstly, when it comes to the electronic media, which is mainly owned by corporates and business interests, the views and the activities of the Party are rarely covered. On the other hand, only negative image of the CPI(M) and the Left is purveyed through the electronic media.

The focus of this media is not on the basic problems of the people and it is seldom that stories and reports about the serious problems faced by the people are featured. Given the competitive nature of the television industry they are prone to sensationalism and trivialisation of politics. It is, therefore, difficult to put across the stand of the Party and its policies in an effective manner to the viewers in the electronic media. 

Notwithstanding this, the Party spokespersons, who get the opportunity to appear in television programmes, should utilise such opportunities to put forward their views effectively. To be able to communicate and be articulate in the visual media is important. 

Given the dominance of the corporate media, both in electronic and print, it is necessary to expand the Party’s own media. This is primarily the print media. We have to improve the content, get up and readability of the newspapers and periodicals run by the Party.

Another important area is social media. We must be able to use social media effectively to propagate the Party’s views and multifarious activities.  

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