RSS Goons Hurl Bomb near Kodiyeri’s Rally Venue

N S Sajith

RSS goons hurled a crude bomb near the venue of a CPI(M) rally at Nangararath Peedika near Thalasseri in Kannur district of Kerala when CPI(M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was addressing the gathering on January 27.

In the attack by criminals riding a motorbike, party worker andDeshabhimani agent Sharatlal was injured. 

The incident occurred soon after the startling revelation of RSS cadre Vishnu about the prolonged torture on him by RSS men. Vishnu, who is undergoing treatment at the Thiruvananthapuram General Hospital, has told the media that he was threatened by RSS top brass accusing him as a spy of CPI(M). He was also compelled to write a suicide note wherein the CPI(M) Kunnur district secretary was accused of constantly harassing him.

Balakrishnan said that it was yet another cowardly move of RSS which has once again shown its fascistic attitude. 

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