Growing Mobilisation of Working People to Defeat BJP

THE Kisan Mukti March on November 29-30 in Delhi was an impressive mobilisation of farmers from all over the country who are being ground down by the neoliberal policies of the Modi government. 
Coming after the big worker-peasant rally of September 5, which sharply highlighted the class demands of the workers, peasants and agricultural workers, the Kisan March organised by a wide range of farmers’ organisations pointed to the growing unity and common purpose of the working people to fight for their basic rights. 

Crisis in Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA has been plunged into a political and constitutional crisis due to the arbitrary steps taken by Maithripala Sirisena in the past three weeks. The president dismissed Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and swore in his erstwhile opponent Mahinda Rajapaksa as the prime minister on October 26.

Renaming for What?

ALONG with the revival of the issues of the Ram temple at Ayodhya, the BJP-RSS combine has opened a new front with communal intent. That is the renaming of cities and places which have a Muslim cultural lineage. The BJP government in Uttar Pradesh led by Adityanath, has gone on a name changing spree.  Allahabad, one of the foremost educational and cultural centres of Uttar Pradesh has been renamed officially as Prayagraj.

Challenging the Constitution & the Supreme Court

BJP president Amit Shah’s speech in Kannur must be seen as a direct challenge to the Constitution and the Supreme Court.  Though he was speaking about the BJP’s participation and support to the protests opposing the Supreme Court judgement allowing entry of women of all ages into the Sabarimala temple, the significance of his remarks lay in his peremptory tone of intimidation and veiled threat to the judiciary. 

Smothering the CBI

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi has conducted a virtual coup against the director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Both the Director Alok Verma and the Special Director Rakesh Asthana, against whom the CBI had filed an FIR on corruption charges, have been sent on compulsory leave.  Since, the director had initiated the probe against Asthana and got the FIR lodged, the action of the Modi government in taking the unprecedented step of removing him, can be seen as a move to protect the number two in the agency. Asthana is considered a favourite of the Modi-Shah duo. 

Where Are the Jobs?

ALL the claims made by Prime Minister Modi and his government about the number of jobs being created have proved to be baseless. The harsh reality of rising unemployment is being seen every day.

Recently, on September 17, 1.9 crore applicants appeared for the Railway Recruitment Board exam to fill 62,907 vacancies for jobs at Level I (equivalent to Group D). These are jobs such as gangman, gateman, helpers in electrical and mechanical departments etc.  A large number of those who appeared were postgraduates.

Sabarimala Temple: No Going Back

THE Supreme Court judgement allowing women of all ages to worship at the Sabarimala temple in Kerala is a powerful verdict upholding equal rights for women and asserting their fundamental right to worship.
The concurring judgement by Justice D Y Chandrachud has brilliantly drawn a parallel between the caste system which is based on a hierarchical order of purity and pollution and the exclusion of women.  He has stated: “The social exclusion of women, based on menstrual status, is but a form of untouchability which is an anathema to constitutional values.”

UP: A Lawless Police Force

THE cold-blooded shooting of a 38-year old Apple executive, Vivek Tiwari, by a policeman in Lucknow has caused widespread outrage. However, this killing which has received wide  media attention, is symptomatic of the impunity with which the Uttar Pradesh police resorts to “encounter killings”. 


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