Oust Modi government: Manik Sarkar

SP Rajendran

"THE country is in a very dangerous situation , which it has never witnessed in the last 71 years of independence; so, it will be a historic task to oust the BJP led government at the centre in the coming Lok Sabha Polls", Manik Sarkar, former Chief Minister of Tripura and Polit Bureau Member of Communist Party of India (Marxist) appealed to the people of Tamil Nadu.

Manik Sarkar addressed a huge red volunteer rally, at a massive public meeting at Tripur on October 14.

The meeting was held to celebrate three events; handover fund for Surjit Bhavan, subscription of Theekkathir-Tamil Daily and the starting of 101st  year of October revolution.

The Tirupur district committee of CPIM handed over Rs.4 lakhs for Surjit Bhavan and Rs.30 lakhs for Theekkathir subscription at the function.

After receiving it, Manik Sarkar congratulated party members and cadres of Tirupur on behalf of the central committee for giving their one day salary for Surjit Bhavan. He said that the work of Surjit Bhavan building is in progress and it will be inaugurated within three months.

He appealed the party members and cadres to continue collection of new subscriptions for party daily Theekkathir and also asked them to expand the readership of the paper; then only the political and ideological campaign of the party will reach a vast majority of people.

He also congratulated for the celebration of 101st year of October revolution. He described that the October revolution in Russia led by Comrade Lenin and Communist Party of Russia; installed a classless, exploitation free society in that country; it was first in the world which gave equal status to all sections of people including women.

Only the socialist state of the erstwhile USSR was the first government in the world which ensured equal status to all languages, all sections of culture, and all religions irrespective of the number of followers of particular religion.

Today also China, largest populated country in the world established socialist system of state and life; socialism is the reality also in Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea and Laos, Manik Sarkar explained.

We, Communist Party of India (Marxist), in India are working to create that type of social system which will be a classless; exploitation free socialist society, he added.

Manik Sarkar explained the existing political situation and the reality of the vast majority of Indian people, particularly the working class, peasantry, agricultural workers, minorities, SC, ST as well as women, youth, students and children under the rule of RSS-BJP at the centre.

"The rupee had depreciated like never before; the prices of petrol and diesel had shot up and prices of essential commodities had shot up, putting the country in a very dangerous position".

Affected by the centre's economic policies, workers, farmers and farm labourers would soon stage a massive protest, Sarkar said and alleged that to break the massive unity the BJP and RSS were trying to divide the people.

The BJP government is trampling upon the avowed secular principles of the country and the government is working to be the younger brother of the U S, in social, economic and foreign policies, he said.

He appealed to the party cadres to work hard to oust the Modi government; pool maximum votes against BJP and to install a secular government in the centre after the 2019 parliamentary polls; increase the number of Left MPs in Parliament.

He also called that the people of Tamil Nadu; the state could only be protected by defeating the BJP and its ally the ruling All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.

S Muthukanna, district secretary of CPI(M) chaired the meeting and state secretariat members -K Thangavel, KK Kanagaraj, N Gunasekaran and state committee members- K Kamraj, SP Rajendra, M Kannan and general manager of Theekkathir- SA Manickam and G Savitri attended the meeting.

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