AIDWA Denounces BJP-RSS Threats to Women

IN a press statement issued on October 16, the AIDWA has strongly condemned the efforts of BJP-RSS backed right wing groups to create a communal frenzy against the implementation of the orders of the Supreme Court(SC) in the Sabarimala case. The court upheld the equal right of women to worship at the temple under Article 25 of the constitution. However, ever since the judgement came, the RSS and its affiliated organisations have attacked the SC and the LDF government which has respected the judgment. The Left and several mass organisations, including AIDWA, have started a ground level campaign to explain the verdict to the women, so that they are not swayed by the irrational and emotional appeals of reactionary political forces.

In the process, women in general and the leaders of AIDWA in particular have come under severe attack from the RSS-BJP. Some RSS-BJP leaders have even threatened to molest and “cut into two” the women who will enter the Sabarimala temple to worship the deity. Just recently, P Sathidevi, general secretary of AIDWA Kerala state committee, was threatened by a BJP leader publicly on a TV show that she should make a confession to Ayyappa or else she would be “torn into pieces and even her dead body would not be found”.  Further, a speech of P Sreemathi teacher, AIDWA national treasurer and MP, was distorted by the BJP leaders to mislead the people. This attack on AIDWA leaders is part of the hysteria sought to be unleashed by the RSS-BJP, as seen in BJP supporter and actor Thulasi’s open threat that women visiting the temple should be ripped apart and one half of their body should be sent to the Chief Minister and the other to the SC. Prayar Gopalakrishnan, former president of the Devaswom Board too has said that “women who enter the Sabrimala temple will be attacked by tigers and men”.

AIDWA stands strongly against the political parties like the BJP and the Congress and reactionary forces like the RSS that are trying to subvert the progressive Sabarimala judgment. It supports the government’s resolve to implement the judgement and get into a dialogue with women to remove their misconceptions. It also demands the immediate arrest of all BJP-RSS leaders and supporters who are issuing open threats to women and women activists and trying to disturb the atmosphere of peace and harmony that has been fostered by the Left movement.

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