RAJASTHAN: Conference of Loktantrik Morcha in Jaipur

A CONFERENCE of the Rajasthan Loktantrik Morcha was held on September 8 at Jaipur. The conference was inaugurated by H D Deve Gowda the former Prime Minister of India. This event was attended by the activists of CPI, CPI(M-L), JD(S), SP, MCPI(U) and CPI(M).

A resolution was moved by Arjun Jetha leader of JD(S). Leaders of different parties shared their opinion on the resolution. All the parties resolved that they will unitedly contest the assembly elections in Rajasthan. The Loktantrik Morcha will work to not just to change the leader rather to change the policies in the interests of the workers, kisans, women, students, dalits, downtrodden sections of the society, landless and middle classes. Struggles will be unleashed on the issues of the people. Brotherhood and amity amongst people will be spread through this morcha.

For the ensuing election the Loktantrik Morcha will reach each and every nook of the state so that the message of struggle and brotherhood could be spread. The morcha will also ensure that the BJP is defeated in the elections because it is a party that threatens the people’s unity and brotherhood. Also it is bent to end the Ganga-Jamuna culture of the country i.e., the culture of unity.

There is no difference in the policies of either the BJP or the Congress. Both work for the big capitalists of the country. In the interests of the people appeal to elect the Rajasthan Loktantrik Morcha candidates was issued.

The conference was attended by Danish Ali –JD(S), Atul Anjaan –CPI, Moimad Salim –CPI(ML), Mahender Pratap Singh- Lok Dal, Pandit Ramkishan-SP and Hannan Mollah-CPI(M). The state leaders who participated and spoke in the conference include: Narender Acharya-state secretary of CPI, Mukesh Yadav-SP, Mahender Chaudhary-CPI(ML), Mahender Neh – MCPI(U), Vidyadhar Okhla-LokDal and Amra Ram-state secretary CPI(M).

In the beginning of the conference H D Deve Gowda was felicitated by tying a turban on his head by Basant Haryana, Khursheed Chaudhary and Ayub Khan –former MLA. The proceeding was conducted by Sumitra Chopra, Shankar Lal Chaudhary and Ravinder Shukla. Tara Singh Sidhu from the presidium thanked all the activists for participating in the conference.

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