ANDHRA PRADESH: Protest against Brutal Murder of Pranay

A CANDLE-LIGHT procession was held on September 19 under the aegis of KVPS and DHPS at Vijayawada near Tummalapalli Kala Kshetram near Gurram Joshua and Phule statues in protest against the brutal killing of Pranay at Miryalaguda in the state of Telangana. Various speakers from different organisations spoke on the incident condemning the brutal casteism practiced by the upper caste communities. A resolution was unanimously passed and it demanded the government to condemn this ghastly act and to introduce new legislations to prevent similar incidents. It was also resolved to raise this issue in the assembly as well as parliament to enact new laws.

The meeting that was conducted at Vijayawada near Tummalapalli Kala Kshetram was presided over by Malyadri, state general secretary of KVPS. Speaking on this occasion, P Madhu, CPI(M) state secretary expressed dismay over the killing of Pranay, a dalit, in this so-called modern society of ours and expressed sorrow that a 24 year old boy was sacrificed at the altar of communalism and caste high handedness and condemned the murder. Maruti Rao, the father of Amrutha Varshini and her uncle could not tolerate the inter-caste marriage and hatched a plan to eliminate Pranay by engaging hired killers. Pranay was murdered in broad daylight on September 14, 2018. He also said that the culprits should be bought to book and severely punished. Ramakrishna, CPI state secretary added that all humanists should severely condemn this incident and stand by Amrutha Varshini. It was also reiterated that all the properties of Maruti Rao should be confiscated and transferred to Amrutha Varshini. The Telangana government should take up the responsibility of looking after the welfare of Amrutha Varshini.

DSMM national secretary Srinivasa Rao stated that the Manuvadis are behaving in a high handed manner especially after the BJP has come to power at the centre. This horrendous incident has shaken the entire people. These repeated incidents in Andhra Pradesh as well as in Telangana are going on unabated. The upper caste people are behaving with impunity. Casteism is being encouraged and patronised in the name of traditions and culture.

The programme was attended by CPI(M) and CPI state leaders D. Subba Rao, D Rama Devi, Jelli Wilson, ex MLC, Durga Bhavani, Y Siddaiah, DHPS state general secretary Karavadhi Subba Rao, Butti Rayappa, along with other KVPS state leaders.

DSMM Demands Strict Action in Honour Killing Case

THE world is aghast and shocked at the murder of a young man Pranay who is a dalit. He was brutally killed in broad daylight in Miryalaguda town of Nalgonda district in Telangana, on September 14, for marrying an upper caste girl. This is a shameful and inhuman incident. Humanists from all corners irrespective of their caste and creed decried this brutal act. The regressive Manuvadees, who want to take the society backwards, are supporting this incident in the social media which is alarming. They are supporting this crime by propagating that Pranay is not a dalit but a christian; he has tried and succeeded in trapping and marrying a Hindu girl in the larger conspiracy of a Love-jihad scheme; and this is a proper punishment for such a person. Such statements are against the law of the land and against the constitution. These people have no right to call themselves as Indian citizens. DSMM demands that this uncivilized propaganda in the social media should be stopped at once and action should be initiated against them.

Pranay and Amruta Varshini fell in love and got married this January. Amruta Varshini is now six months pregnant. Nobody can relieve her from her sorrow. She has demanded that the perpetrators of the crime i.e., her father and uncle should be strictly punished.

DSMM demands that her father Maruti Rao should be not just punished, but his assets should be confiscated and given to Amruta Varshini. Telangana government should support in rehabilitating Amruta Varshini and Pranay's parents by giving financial aid and employment. They should be given proper protection. DSMM appeals the people to stand in support of Amruta Varshini.  Protests should pour in, in abundance so that these sorts of incidents do not re-occur.

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