When Amdanga Resisted

From our Special Correspondent

Three villages in Amdanga in North 24 Parganas created a new blood-soaked chapter of fierce attack by the ruling party and steadfast resistance by the villagers. Amdanga, a traditional strong base of the Lefts, had gone through many attacks, terrorisation in last seven years of TMC rule. Many a times, the menfolk of the villages had to stay outside, with their livelihood threatened.

In the Panchayat elections, held in May, CPI(M) and the Lefts fielded candidates in village panchayat levels despite incessant attacks. On the day of voting, TMC armed gangs attacked the booths for looting of votes. There was resistance. CPI(M) activist Tahidur Rahman was killed in bomb attacks by the ruling party. Tahidur’s elder brother has lost an eye in an earlier attack by TMC. Despite terror villagers elected CPI(M) candidates in many villages and the Lefts had numbers to form board in at least three panchayats_ Taraberia, Bodai, Maricha.

In the third week of August, before the board formation, fresh bouts of attack took place in these villages. Even some of the elected members of the Lefts were forced to stay outside villages. Their houses were attacked, relatives threatened. TMC declared that they would form boards by hook or crook. As the day of board formation came near the attack intensified. Responding to appeal from Left Front, the Kolkata High Court had asked the district administration to do everything necessary to conduct peaceful board formation.

On 28th August, TMC organised a massive attack in the evening. They mobilised armed outsiders and cordoned the villages. Electric lines were cut off. TMC criminals fired indiscriminately and charged bombs for hours. The villagers of Taraberia and Bodai did not leave their ground. They resisted with determination. The women came out in numbers and forced the criminals to retreat. At least 15 villagers were injured. They were rushed to RG Kar Medical College and Hospital in Kolkata. CPI(M) activist Muzaffar Ahmed (31) succumbed to his injuries. He was from Boichagacha village, abee cultivator by profession.

Still, the villages were unconquered by TMC gangs. The ruling party claimed that two of their workers were also killed in the clash. State Food minister also claimed that AK 47 rifles were used in the villages. The natural question which cropped up was what role the police played if such arms were indeed brought into the village. In fact, it was the ruling party outsider gangs that came with sophisticated arms and were abetted by police. Police arrested CPI(M) district secretariat member Ahmad Ali Khan from the hospital itself along with other CPI(M) activists. When the ruling party failed to break the morale of the villagers, police forces began their action. RAF and other police forces, in the name of raid, went from house to house and tortured the villagers. Villagers were arrested from the agricultural fields, houses were ransacked. TMC leaders led the police. The father of martyr Muzaffar Ahmed was forced to write that his son was killed in his own fault. Later MdAlibaddin has submitted a written complaint to SP that he was forced to sign a paper. Police has finally arrested one elected CPI(M) panchayat member, husband of another elected member. Virtually all male villagers had to flee.

On 3rd September, Left Front organised protest meeting in Amdanga itself. Police blocked the rally and tried to disperse the mobilisation. In the process CPI(M) leaders including Party state committee member Gargi Chatterjee suffered injuries. A public meeting was organised on the spot. Addressing the rally CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Md Salim warned the state administration that they had to pay heavily if this atrocities continue. The rally demanded unconditional release of villagers framed in false cases. Among Others CPI state secretary Swapan Banerjee, Forward Block leader Hafiz AlamSairani, CITU state President Subhash Mukherjee, CPI(M) district secretary Mrinal Chakraborty addressed the meeting. 


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