KERALA FLOOD RELIEF: Massive Response to Call for Donations

People of Kerala have wholeheartedly contributed a mammoth amount of Rs 26,43,22,778 to a hundi collection organised by  the CPI(M). The amount has been deposited to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund by respective CPI(M) area committee secretaries. The first phase of collection was organised on August 19-20. Flood affected districts and areas were exempted on those days. Collection in these areas was organised in the later days. 


District-wise breakup: 


Kasaragod: 1,34,12,490

Kannur: 7,84,42,969

Wayanad: 35,00,000

Kozhikode: 2,31,53,268

Malappuram: 2,58,66,644

Palakkad: 2,40,12,161

Thrissur: 2,09,18,862

Ernakulam: 39,21,006

Idukki: 21,00,000

Kottayam: 13,60,000

Alappuzha: 69,79,523

Pathanamthitta: 20,37,701

Kollam: 2,08,19,430

Thiruvananthapuram: 2,55,58,724



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