DELHI: Protest against Mass Lynching

Sehba Farooqui

ON August 6, hundreds of activists of Nagrik Adhikar Manch(NAM) Delhi and victims of mob lynching organised a sit-in-demonstration in front of parliament to protest against the killings of innocent people in the name of “Gau Raksha” and other communal hate campaigns unleashed by BJP/RSS and its frontal organisations since 2014.

The protest gathering was addressed by CPI(M) Polit Bureau members Mohd Salim (MP) and Subhashini Ali (former MP),  Manoj Jha MP- RJD, and Sanjay Singh MP- AAP.

The speakers lambasted the BJP government for abetting such heinous crimes, including hate crimes which are increasing at an alarming rate over the past couple of years. Rumors of cow-slaughter, cow-smuggling, child abduction, etc., are becoming pretexts for mobs to launch murderous attacks, grievously injure and even kill people. There is no fear of the consequences of taking law into their own hands.

The situation is aggravated by the conduct of the ministers and BJP-RSS functionaries/organisations as well as the lackadaisical criminal prosecution of the culprits. One killer of Mohammad Akhlaq (Dadri lynching case), Ravi Sisodia, who died because of illness was honored with the national flag upon his body, with responsible functionaries of the government paying homage to him. In another incident, the killers were compared with Bhagat Singh. Processions were carried out in favour of Shambhu Lal Raiger (accused of killing and burning of Afrazul in Jodhpur) and the court was gheraoed against his prosecution despite clear video evidence of his diabolic act. Recently, union minister Jayant Sinha also felicitated the accused in another mob lynching incident.

On the contrary, the victims – those killed or surviving with debilitating injuries as well as their family members or supporters are being slapped with counter cases, their cattle are being confiscated and entire families are put to adverse and far reaching consequences of losing family members, living with injuries, stigma and terror, losing livelihood, as well as facing expensive and harassing criminal prosecution. Most of the victims are from vulnerable sections, mainly, Muslims and dalits.

Moreover, hate mongering and promoting enmity between communities is being practiced by several political organisations operating on the principle of – ‘might is right.’ Rule of law is being compromised.

The protest meeting resolved and urged upon the union home minister to prevent the situation from deteriorating any further. Later a memorandum was submitted to him through the above mentioned MPs, with the following demands: make a law against mob lynching as directed by the Supreme Court; withdraw all baseless cases against the victims of mob-lynching and their associates; provide immediate compensation to those killed or injured in mob attacks; take strict legal action against individuals and organisations celebrating, honouring or promoting mob lynching; prosecute those spreading baseless rumors inciting people to take law into their own hands through social media and other platforms. 


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