Vol. XLIII No. 12 March 24, 2019

Stop Brutal Killings of Unarmed Civilians

EXPRESSING deep shock and grief over the loss of two precious lives in Chadoora Budgam, CPI(M) Jammu and Kashmir state committee has said that such incidents could have been avoided if the security forces would have exercised maximum restraint.

In a statement issued on March 30, it said that the law enforcing agencies are refusing to draw lessons from previous such experiences and warned that such killings are bound to inflame the situation. It demanded an immediate end to this recklessness.

“Unfortunately no distinction is being made between the civilians and militants" senior CPI(M) leader MY Tarigami said and demanded an immediate end to impunity by the security forces.

The party expressed solidarity with the bereaved families.


Stating that pellets and bullets are not going to restore peace in Valley, CPI(M) J&K state committee has said that government of India has been neglecting the ‘spark’ that has potential to burn everything. It alleged that government of India has put Kashmir issue on backburner and so far has not come up with a formula that could allay the apprehensions and sufferings of people of Kashmir.

“Though hitting to roads and pelting stones is not the right answer but at least it shows the frustration, anger and helplessness of people of Kashmir. There is a dire need for immediate dialogue with all stakeholders to find a permanent solution to Kashmir problem. The silence on part of New Delhi will only aggravate the situation here,” it said. 

While regretting the use of brute force and subsequent killing of three civilians in central Kashmir, senior CPI(M) leader MY Tarigami said that to win the trust of the people of Kashmir, a judicial commission must be instituted to probe what happened. “Institute a judicial commission, so that it would become clear, whether it was necessary to fire bullets and pellets,” he said adding that it is not just to punish the culprits, but will heal the wounds of the demoralised and hapless people who have lost hope in the system.

Training guns on New Delhi, Tarigami said that the central government has failed to come up with some confidence building measures. “Why New Delhi is shying away from dialogue with stake holders. Everyone has been accepting Kashmir is an issue and if so then why to act like an ‘Ostrich’. If dialogue will be initiated it will increase government’s respect among people,” he said and added that use of force cannot bring peace but it will only deteriorate the situation.