West Bengal

WEST BENGAL: Brutal Attack on Democracy

‘DACOITY in Daylight’,  ‘Blood on the streets as Bengal goes to the polls in civic elections’, ‘Hide, Didi, Hide’, ‘ Unabated Lumpenraj’, ‘Elders stand up to goons of Trinamool in Bidhannagar’- these are some of the headlines in leading newspapers on October 4. They were reporting polls in three Corporations in West Bengal the day before. Paragraphs after paragraphs were written how the armed gangs of the ruling party practically invaded localities, particularly in Bidhannagar, and captured booths after fierce attacks on voters.

Joint Convention of Mass Organisations Held in Bengal

MORE than hundred mass organisations met in a joint convention at Rani Rashmoni Road and announced the programme of the movement on peoples’ issues. Bengal Platform for Mass Organisations (BPMO) will lead joint struggles against the anti-people policies of both central government and the TMC led state government.   This is for the first time that such mass organisations representing all sections of people have come together to organise struggle against the union and the state government.  

Defeating Terror, CITU Wins Durgapur Steel Plant Election

IN a significant development, workers of Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) elected the CITU as the sole bargaining agent in an election, which went beyond an event of recognition of union in a factory. The ruling party of the state created an atmosphere of terror, not only in the public sector plant but in the entire Durgapur and exercised all efforts to win the election. But TMC-affiliated INTTUC was squarely defeated in the secret ballot. CITU-affiliated Hindustan Steel Employees Union was recognised as the biggest union in the election in which 8525 workers exercised their voting rights.

Surjeet’s Centenary Meeting Held in Kolkata

A public meeting commemorating the birth centenary of Comrade Harkishan Singh Surjeet was held at EZCC hall in Kolkata on September 13. CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury addressing the meeting said that the actual control of the Modi government lies with the RSS.

Yechury said, the threat of majority communalism has intensified many times after the Modi government came into power. The attitude of this government towards the minorities is predisposed. The attitude of the government should be equal to all sections.


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