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TMC MP Reveals Nexus Between Saradha and Mamata’s Battalion

IN a 36-minute video recorded earlier and broadcast on a local Bengali channel on 26th November, the arrested TMC Rajya Sabha member Kunal Ghosh put his party in great discomfiture by directly linking chief minister Mamata Banerjee and Trinamool’s national general secretary Mukul Roy, another Rajya Sabha MP, with the Saradha chit fund scam, the biggest financial scam in the history of West Bengal.

Kunal Ghosh, himself a close associate of Sudipta Sen, the Saradha group CEO, including for its media business, spilled the beans after he was cornered in the investigations.

Murderous Attack on Former MLA

FORMER MLA and CPI(M) leader Benoy Datta was kidnapped and mercilessly beaten by TMC hoodlums in Khanakul, Hooghly. He was grievously injured and rescued only with the help from local people.Datta, CPI(M) district secretariat member, was returning after addressing a meeting commemorating November Revolution in Mostafapur in Khanakul. A veteran leader, Datta was pillion riding on a motorcycle of a Party worker. TMC workers encircled the motorcycle on the road and attacked Datta first with sticks and bamboo sticks. Then he was forcibly taken away from there.

Unprecedented Terror in the Panchayat Elections in Burdwan

THE scope of analysing the recent Panchayat election results of Burdwan district in West Bengal is, in many ways, somewhat limited. It is very difficult to determine people’s true preferences amidst planned disruption of the electoral process by Trinamool Congress (TMC). It is rational to compare the present Panchayat election ‘results’ with that of the last 2011 assembly elections, where, even amidst the so-called ‘paribortan’ wave, the Left front still won 9 out of 25 seats in this district and secured 44.8 per cent votes.

Citizens’ Convention against Attack on Democracy in West Bengal

Citizens’ Convention against

Martyrs Number Crosses Hundred

THE unending list of  martyrs of Left Parties in West Bengal, after Trinamul government came to power,  has crossed hundred on June 23 when two CPI(M) workers were killed in Rejinagar in Murshidabad disatrict. In Rejinagar, a group of CPI(M) activists were attacked when they were returning after campaigning in panchayat elections. Comrade Debsharan Ghosh and Comrade Amar Ghosh were shot dead on the spot. The Congress party backed miscreants were behind the murderous attack in which two more CPI(M) workers including a candidate suffered serious injuries.

Mayhem in Panchayat Elections

AS this report goes to press, the fate of panchayat elections in West Bengal is hanging in absolute uncertainty. The continuing refusal of the state administration to clarify the security arrangements, incessant requests of state election commission in this regard, coupled with widespread terrorisation by the ruling party have created an unprecedented situation in the state. Panchayat elections have been held seven times during the period of Left Front government, but the state has not experienced such a catastrophe.

Terror Tactics in Howrah By-Poll

RULING Trinamul Congress has unleashed a spate of terror in Howrah ahead of parliamentary by-elections there. Elections will be held on June 2.

As the campaign picked up, TMC hooligan squads began to attack CPI(M) activists and sympathisers to obstruct political campaign. In many areas, TMC hoodlums are creating obstacles in the campaign of Left Front candidate Srideep Bhattacharya. TMC has unleashed hoodlums who are tearing banners, defacing wall writings. They are also moving house to house threatening Left Front workers and sympathizers, to create an atmosphere of fear.


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