West Bengal

Valiant Strike in West Bengal Braving Terror

The Strike struggle in West Bengal had to be conducted against odds and terror created by the TMC government and the ruling party. Mamata Banerjee administration has the distinction of being the only government which had declared war against the general strike. The state government issued a circular for the state government employees threatening them with ‘dies non’ and stoppage of salary. Uniquely, the state government has also declared that the day prior to the strike day and the next working day would be counted within this instruction.

TMC Govt Waging War against Siliguri

THE government of West Bengal has adopted a vindictive and hostile attitude towards the Siliguri Municipal Corporation and the Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad, both being run by the opposition parties led by the CPI(M). The TMC-led government has unleashed a systematic economic blockade against the two civic bodies since they decisively failed to win a majority there. The PWD of the state government, chaired by Firhad Hakim, has withheld the legitimate dues that these civic bodies are entitled to.

Massive Rally against Price Rise

THOUSANDS of people marched through the streets of Kolkata on July 11, protesting against price rise, at the call of 17 Left and democratic parties. The rally took up a 16-point charter of demands which included immediate steps to control unprecedented price rise, scrapping of price hike of petro products, withdrawal of allowing FDI in retail and food trade etc. It also raised state-specific demands of proper distribution of food items in PDS and lowering extraordinary hike in power tariff.

Oppose Price Hike, Restore Democracy: Left Hits the Street

THE burden on common man’s life is the outcome of the policy adopted by the central government and state governments. The attack on food and employability is becoming fierce day by day in Bengal; factories are getting closed; people are losing job and on the other hand skyrocketing price rise of the essential commodities is putting the people in a miserable condition.

“Come and See Blood on the Streets”

THE playing out of gruesome violence in post-poll West Bengal will put many a horrific nightmare to shame. What makes this violence almost inexplicable to the uninitiated in the `hell-hole’ of the present political landscape of the state is the `massive mandate’, which columnists and contributors are so eloquent in articulating. No wonder! We have been tutored since our childhood to believe that `victors’ have to be forgiving; there is no room for vengeance in triumph.


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