Eighth All India Conference of the All India Agricultural Workers Union

THE eighth all India conference of the All India Agricultural Workers Union was held at Warangal between July 30 and August 2. In many ways it was a historic event, being the first all India conference of any organisation to be held in the newly found state of Telangana. The process of organising it was also important as it was jointly hosted by the Andhra and Telangana committees of AIAWU with eminent personalities like the retired chief secretary of Andhra, K Madhavrao, retired IAS officer K R Venugopal, former Planning Commission member Ch.

8th All India Conference of AIAWU Begins with a Huge Rally

THE nearly two month long rule of Narendra Modi has starkly exposed its anti-people character and its pro-corporateness, said Tripura chief minister and CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Manik Sarkar. The NDA government was taking forward UPA's anti-people policies much more forcefully. With both corporates and RSS actually running the government from behind, there is imminent danger of communalism spreading across the country. He called upon the working class, peasantry, poor and other downtrodden sections of the society to unite and resist this harmful agenda of Modi government.

Enthusiastic Response to AIAWU Conference

THE announcement of the eighth All India Conference of the All India Agricultural Workers Union from July 30 to August 2, 2014 at the office bearers meeting held at Hyderabad on July 16, has had a snowballing effect on the poorest and the most oppressed in the country. The conference will represent membership from 14 states. The number of delegates has reached 831. Not the least is the fact that the state of Andhra Pradesh (now Telangana and Andhra) has increased its membership beyond last year to 16, 05,912 from 14, 63,827.

First NPRD Conference :A New Chapter in the History of the Disability Movement

DECEMBER 6-9, 2013. Place: Kochi. History was in the making. And the authors of this report were not just witnesses. They were proud participants as well. For the first time ever, elected delegates from different cross disability organisations in the country assembled in this city of Kerala to script a new chapter in the history of the disability movement in the country. And write they did with honours.

Tenth National Conference of AIDWA : Strengthen Struggles against Neo-liberal Policies & Communal Forces

 Conference of AIDWA

THE tenth national conference of the All India Democratic Women’s Association was held in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, from November 22-25, 2013 with the main slogan of confronting neo-liberalism, fighting conservatism, and combating communalism. The conference got off to a rousing start with flag hoisting by AIDWA's national president Shyamali Gupta and homage to martyrs who sacrificed their lives for women's emancipation and social justice.

Ninth Conference Of The All India Plantation Workers’Federation :Pay Special Attention to Social Issues

Ninth Conference Of The All India Plantation Workers’ Federation

THE ninth conference of the All India Plantation Workers’ Federation (AIPWF) which concluded in Agartalaon November 24,2013 left an indelible impression on all the delegates who participated in it from all the major plantation states in the country.More than 200 delegates from Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Assam and Tripura attended the conference.The delegates from Kerala came in their full strength despite the long distance. Workers from all the major segments of the plantation sector – tea, coffee and rubber were represented in the delegations.

Towards the First Conference of the NPRD

DISABILITY has remained largely an issue quite outside the scope of the so-called mainstream. The disabled were left out of the political, cultural and economic spheres and continue to be denied access in almost every sphere of life. The disabled continue to be looked upon as embodiments of sin or as omens of ill-luck. The situation began to alter somewhat along with the advancement of science and technology. Attempts were made to bring them in the areas of education, recreation etc. The first school for the visually impaired was set up in India in the 1880s.

Towards the Tenth National Conference of AIDWA

ALL over the country, AIDWA units are engaged in a campaign from November 7-15, to disseminate the message of its forthcoming national conference. The tenth all India conference of the AIDWA is occurring at a particularly significant moment of time, when the challenges before the women’s movement in our country are increasing by the day. In the struggle against gender oppression, and the fight for justice, and equality, AIDWA has been playing a leading role over the past three years, and has been uniting multiple voices of protest against the escalating instances of violence against women.


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