SKS Haryana Holds March to Assembly

AT the call of Sarv Karamchari Sangh Haryana, about 15 thousand employees of the state marched to the assembly on March 7. SKS Haryana has been continuously fighting for demands of employees and against outsourcing and privatisation policies of the state government. The BJP government is not only indifferent to the demands but it is suppressing the rights of employees and people.

Haryana: An Advance Laboratory of ‘Gujarat Model’

THE Khattar-led BJP government in Haryana has just completed one-and-a-half years. Two prominent features have emerged in this short span – fast erosion in its credibility and strenuous attempt at saffronisation of social and administrative environment. Both are moving at a matching speed. A characteristic trinity of its contemptuous approach of disrupting the unity of people, attack on their rights and curtailing of welfare measures is clearly visible.

Citizens’ Tribunal, A Commission with a Difference

FINDINGS of the Prakash Singh Committee, set up by the Haryana government to probe the violent Jat agitation for reservation, continue to generate criticism from various quarters including political parties -- both ruling and opposition. Even the Punjab and Haryana High Court questioned the validity of the committee headed by Singh, a retired police officer. Its report has become a laughing stock. A former Haryana minister has gone to the extent of demanding that a Supreme Court judge look into its findings.

State Govt Should be Held Accountable for Jat Reservation Violence

THE Haryana state secretariat of the CPI(M) has taken exception to the manner in which the total negligent role of the BJP government and its political leadership before and during the Jat reservation violence was not held responsible by the Prakash Singh Committee that probed the violence during the stir. Giving reactions on the report submitted on May 31, the Party in a statement issued on June 1 has questioned how the chief minister could escape from his accountability especially he being in charge of the home portfolio as well.

Orgy of Violence in Haryana

PRIME Minister Narender Modi had come to Jind to attend an election rally during Haryana assembly elections in 2014. Taking cognizance of his opening remark, the CPI(M) had forewarned  the people about the impending consequences of his intent.  He had said, “I bow to this pious land of khaps.” Those not aware of the character and record of RSS perhaps felt fascinated by this praise and glorification of the state.

HARYANA: Jat Reservation Agitation Turns Violent

THE agitation which started for reservation for Jats went out of control and took such a violent shape that it caused a large scale destruction in the state. Major parts of the state witnessed a situation, continuously for four days, as if the administration and the government are nonexistent. All the areas became hostage to the trouble creators. The total loss of life and property cannot be assessed properly at this point of time.

HARYANA: Birth Centenary of Comrade Harkishan Singh Surjeet Observed

THE trio of anti-people economic policies, communalism and authoritarianism is ruling the country today. This trio wants to become trident. The people of the country and the Left shall have to stop this from happening otherwise it would be disastrous for the people. This was said by Sitaram Yechury, general secretary of the CPI(M) and member of parliament. He was addressing a meeting at the Matu Ram Community Centre in Rohtak, on February 7 on the occasion of the birth centenary of Comrade Harkishan Singh Surjeet.

Whither Panchayats?

WHILE the ‘sound bytes’ of the high decibel ‘event’ of commemorating the ‘Constitution Day’ on November 26 and the discussion on the contribution of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and the making of the Constitution in the parliament marked the formal kicking off of the winter session had hardly died down, the Supreme Court came out with a shocker. Doubtlessly, that this year marks the 125th birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar added to the solemnity of this discussion. This is notwithstanding the controversy over the appropriateness of the choice of November 26 over the customary January 26.


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