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On Decision on Rajya Sabha Election from West Bengal

The following is the statement issued by the Polit Bureau on July 27.

WEST Bengal state secretariat of the Party had requested that Sitaram Yechury, general secretary of the Party, be re-nominated for the Rajya Sabha from West Bengal on the completion of his term. The Polit Bureau had discussed this matter in its meeting of June 6 and 7, 2017. It decided not to accept the proposal of the West Bengal state secretariat. 

The reasons for this decision are as follows:

Military Veterans to Modi: ‘Dissent is Not Treason… It is the Essence of Democracy’

A group of 114 veterans of the Indian Armed Forces have written an open letter to the prime minister, chief ministers of states and lieutenant-governors of union territories, expressing their distress at “divisive” recent developments in the country which “go against the secular and democratic values enshrined in the constitution”. The letter is reproduced below.

CITU Working Committee Meeting, Shimla: Resolution on GST

THE working committee meeting of CITU, held from July 14-16, at Shimla notes with serious concern the grievous impact of the GST launched by the government of India with much fanfare on July 1, 2017. The GST has adversely impacted the common people at large, particularly the workers in the unorganised sector, people engaged in small and decentralised manufacturing like tailoring, garments, textile, beedi, small drug manufacturing, construction, matches and fireworks and passenger and goods transport etc and also small traders. Even the insurance premium is not spared from high taxation.

SFI Demands Immediate Withdrawal of Added Taxation on Sanitary Napkins

THE Students’ Federation of India, in a statement issued on July 10, has demanded an immediate withdrawal of the added taxation on sanitary napkins and ensure the maximum reach of the menstrual protection tools at lowest prices. In the recent GST effected by the Modi government, sanitary pads are considered as luxury items and taxed accordingly, when the reality is that these are a basic necessity for a woman’s healthy life.


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