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Remembering International Women’s Day

Congratulations. Let us celebrate. It is not for Women's Day alone. The Forbes magazine has come out with some good news about Indian women. Yes, the Forbes magazine, that talks about wealth and rich people! The magazine has proudly declared that, “It was a record-breaking year for women on the Forbes list of the world billionaires”. It seems two Indian women had made it to the list. So, time for celebrations. Needn't worry about finding a space to celebrate, as there is so much variety to choose from – we are really spoilt for choice.

AIKS to Work against UPA, NDA

MEETING at New Delhi on March 2, 2014, the office bearers of the All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) discussed the state of the peasantry in India and the agrarian crisis that has been intensifying under the Congress-led UPA as well as in various states ruled by the BJP and its NDA allies. The AIKS decided to work for the defeat of the anti-peasant, anti-people and corrupt Congress-led UPA as well as the BJP-led NDA. It will also unite the peasantry against divisive communal propaganda of the BJP, RSS and their allies.

ANDHRA PRADESH: Militant Struggle of Anganwadi Employees

THE chief minister of Andhra Pradesh put in his papers on 19th February with the political turmoil in the state finally reaching an end with the division of the state. But no force on land could extinguish the fire in anganwadis of the state who began their second phase of agitation from 27th January when over 30,000 participated in dharnas before all collectorates. This phase of agitation culminated on 02nd March with the holding of public meetings wherein more than half a lakh anganwadis participated across the state.

Organising the Unorganised

THE piece rated home based workers and part time domestic workers constitute some of the most vulnerable sections of the working class in the city of Delhi. As per the NSSO survey of 2009-10, there are at least six lakh home based workers working in different industries in the city. The count of domestic workers in Delhi is, however, not exactly known. The ILO estimated that there are about 90 million domestic workers in the country, but the number of part time domestic workers in the city is yet to be established.

Ukraine and Imperial Designs – II

IN the past few days, tensions in Ukraine have escalated, with Russia moving its troops for military exercises along the border with Ukraine. It vowed to protect the interests of Russian citizens living in the East and Southern regions of the country and naval forces stationed in Crimea. Reports indicate that Ukrainian naval chief had expressed his support to Russia, while Ukraine had called for 'popular mobilisation'.

Artists Need to Unite against Communal Fascism

THE Janvadi Lekhak Sangh (JLS) held its eighth national conference at Allahabad, on February 14 and 15, with the message that it would do all it can to unite the writers, artists and other cultural workers with the broad democratic movement in order to meet the growing threat of communal fascism in the country. On the first day of the conference, a Meet on Composite Culture was held in an effort to bring on to one platform various groups of democratic minded writers and cultural workers as well as independent writers and other intellectuals against the communal threat.

Why We are Facing Violence and Rape in West Bengal?

WEST Bengal now stands out among the states in terms of atrocities against women. National Commission for Women had to intervene more than once and was forced to visit the state. There is a strong association between increased violence against women in the state and the rule of Trinamul Congress after 2011. Immediately after the party came to power in May 2011, atrocities against women began to rise. This association cannot be seen as accidental, there is a politics behind this association. During the 34 years of Left Front rule, the state was never in this kind of miserable situation.


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