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Peoples Democracy newsletter

Election Campaign Evokes Good Response

ENTHUSIASM in the campaign process in Kerala has mounted up as the CPI(M)’s national leaders have reached the state. While the temperature outside has already reached close to 40 degree Celsius, it has failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the CPI(M) cadre.
The BJP and the AAP too are trying their luck in the Lok Sabha elections in the state, along with the main contestants, viz the LDF and the UDF.

Restore Democracy: Battle Cry in West Bengal

THE Left Front in West Bengal is fighting this election battle on four slogans: Remove Congress from power, Defeat BJP; Strengthen Left to build up non-Congress non-BJP secular alternative government and Defend and restore democracy in the state. In an appeal to the people of the state, the Left Front has called upon them to vote for the Left candidates to fight for the restoration of democracy in the state.

Venezuela: Another Coup Bid!

IT may not be a coincidence that there are simultaneous moves afoot in Asia, Europe and Latin America to remove democratically elected governments through unconstitutional means. The democratically elected president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, has been forced out of office by an unruly mob. The prime minister of Thailand, despite having got a renewed democratic mandate, is slowly but surely being removed by a creeping coup d’état.

Caste, Patriarchy and the Hindutva Model of Governance

AS the election campaign reaches its crescendo, the strategy of the BJP, led by Narendra Modi, is becoming more and more apparent. It is attempting to create a rainbow alliance of the middle castes and dalits in order to ensure that it reaches the half-way mark and does not need the help of those outside the NDA to make a government at the centre. In order to do this, it is stitching up alliances with prominent OBC and dalit groups.

The 58 session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women

The 58 session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women was held in the UN headquarters in New York on 10 – 21 March 2014. Over 6000 representatives from 193 UN member states and NGOs from all over the world participated in the session. The World Federation of Trade Unions which as a permanent representative at the UN in New York, was represented in the session by Hemalata, secretary, CITU and BV Vijayalakshmi, secretary, AITUC


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