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AIKS Holds Consultative Meeting Of Sugarcane Farmers

THE All India Kisan Sabha held a consultative meeting of sugarcane farmers to address the different issues faced by these farmers. The meeting was held at BTR Bhavan, New Delhi on July 23, 2014. Around 40 Delegates from eight sugarcane growing states participated in the meeting. AIKS president Amra Ram presided over the meeting. AIKS general secretary Hannan Mollah placed the introductory remarks.

Thailand Coup

THE Thai army, as most commentators in the region had predicted, has finally taken the first decisive step towards staging yet another coup to oust a democratically elected government. On May 20, an announcement on the Army run radio, said that the country was placed under martial law. The media has been put under strict censorship. The army spokesman specified that the civilian government would be allowed to function under the current caretaker ministry. The justice minister, Chalkasem Nitisri, has said that the army had taken the step without consulting the government.

ICWA Observes Komagatamaru Centenary

THE CPI(M), which derives inspiration from the Ghadar Movement and its heroic fighters, passed a resolution in its 20th Congress held from April 4-9, 2012 in Kozhikode, Kerala to observe the centenary of the movement. “This Party congress recalls with pride and salutes the memory of the 200 martyrs who were killed and 35 who were sent to the Andaman Cellular Jail for life. Their fearless example raised hopes of overcoming imperialism at its most savage. The movement extended from Vancouver in Canada to San Francisco, and the villages of Punjab...

Strengthen the fight for Right to Health Care: AIDWA

THE All India Democratic Women’s Association took the initiative to organise a two-day workshop on health related issues for activists from the Hindi speaking states. The growing challenge to achieving the right to health care, in a context where government policy was increasingly promoting the private corporate sector in health services at the expense of the public health system was the subject of a Commission in AIDWA’s tenth national conference in Bodh Gaya. The discussions had concluded that our interventions on health had to increase at multiple levels.

AIKS to Campaign against Neo-Liberal Policies in Agriculture

THE two day meeting of the All India Kisan Council of the AIKS concluded on July 26, with a call to undertake massive campaigns among the peasantry against the efforts being taken by the BJP led Modi government to impose neo-liberal policies on the people of the country, especially on the peasantry. The resolution adopted by the meeting called upon the peasantry to rebuff the communal conspiracies of the BJP-Sangh Parivar duo and work for the defence of secularism.

Comrade Chitta Chanda Is No More

EMINENT freedom fighter, permanent invitee member of CPI(M) Tripura state committee and former chairman of the Party’s state control commission, Comrade Chitta Chanda passed away at 5.40pm on July 28 at Agartala Government Medical College Hospital. He was 95. He was a bachelor. Comrade Chitta Chanda was suffering from age related diseases for quite some time. He was admitted to the hospital in the night of July 20. CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Manik Sarkar, CPI(M) state secretary Bijan Dhar and other secretariat members regularly visited the hospital for the updates on his condition.

Komagatamaru, an Integral & Inseparable Event in India’s Struggle for Freedom

2014 MARKS the centenary of the epic voyage of Komagatamaru. It was on July 23, 1914 that Komagatamaru which was anchored at the Vancouver Harbour since May 23, 1914 was forced to return when the Canadian authorities refused to allow the passengers to land and subjected them to inhuman harassment and repression for eight weeks. This is an event enshrined in golden letters in the long struggle of the Indian people for freedom from the British colonial yoke.

The Battle of ‘So- shall’ Media

SOCIAL media, as the name suggests, is meant to be a social interaction among people, in which we create, share or exchange information in virtual groups or communities. True to its name, it had succeeded in generating a lot of buzz amongst various sections of the society. India is the second country in the world, only after the United States, to have crossed 100 million active users according to Facebook’s official announcement made on March 31, 2014. And, it already has a new figure in mind for India – 1 billion – almost the entire population of India!


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